Hi, my name is Sarah, but you can call me what you want I suppose as long as it’s not anything vulgar or inappropriate. I’m a young lady residing in the backwoods of Kentucky; working on finding her place in this big ‘ole world while not seeing nearly enough of it (I’m a wannabe traveler).

I work in a small family owned restaurant called Burger House while attending college. I’m still deciding on my major, but I’m working on getting my basic classes now. I’m hoping somewhere in the now and then someone recognizes my creative genius and hires me as a journalist. Lately I've been recognizing and raising awareness for various charities. I'm hoping this blog can one day lead to a charity of it's own.

Welcome to "Winging It" -where the prince charmings wear combat boots and are held captive on the coast by way of the Marine Corps-
 My outlet, my fairytale.

It’s a normal story; only I’m not a princess and there aren’t any fire-breathing beasts or magic-bearing wizards…there is a prince though. Only my prince (the guy I’m kinda-sorta-I-guess-you-would-call-it-dating) is an Infantryman in the Marine Corps who lives over 600 miles away in NC.

In my blog you’ll find some transformations,  some reliefs, some griefs, lots of ranting, tons of honesty and just plain boldness, some (successful or unsuccessful-depending) DIYs, lots of lovey-dovey-gushy-moments, and everything else that comes with being a young woman with too much time on her hands.

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