Hopefully This Fall

College, college, college! Oh how I want to start thee this fall!

Seriously, I just want my degree. This is another touchy subject because I've struggled with another certain college for about a year now. I'm now trying my luck with EKU. Hopefully, it'll be a better experience. I'm really praying on it.

Yesterday I drove all the way into town (I live fifteen miles out, so this is a thing for me) to talk to the Higher Education Center that's located in the town square...only to have them tell me they don't offer EKU classes there anymore. They told me to go talk to the campus in Danville.
Which I really need to do soon. Very soon and hopefully get some classes scheduled out. Yep. Yep. Yep.

To find the time to go do that...is the toughy. I work everyday the rest of this week, besides Sunday, but I don't think the campus is open on Sunday. I might get up early and go tomorrow morning. Get my paycheck tonight (YAY! PAYDAY!) and run up there and pay whatever I need to pay them and get my classes scheduled.
Hopefully, I'll my financial aid to come in easier than at BCTC.
Which I got my refund, by the way. A whole $4.25 in my HigherOne Account. Mhmm. Dollar Tree time!

But ya know, every dollar...

Thanks for reading!

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I Get To Go!!!

Good news! I got my days off for in July! I'm going to be able to go to North Carolina with Austin's parents to go see him! I'm so excited!!!

I just wanted to share that with you all.

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How To: Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Okay, I haven't done a How-To in a while. I feel this one is very, very necessary though. Ladies, listen carefully.
Okay, I have very acne-prone skin. It's a toughy subject for me to talk about because I'm so insecure in this fact. And bad skin isn't something you can just ignore so easily. It's just so...there. On your face and in everyone elses'. So you can understand I go to lengths to cover up my imperfections as much as possible. Meaning: cover up and foundation.
I have a special, very soft brush I use for my foundation. I love it.
However, a week ago I really started noticing how it was feeling on my skin...it was very...gunky feeling. Weighted down. Gross.
When I originally got the brush, it was white. Now, it was dark brownish. Yuck.
So I decided to clean my brush. (And all of my brushes)

I got this method off of Pinterest. (Ah, my love!) It's really easy. All you need is Olive Oil, Water, Shampoo and some Paper Towels.

First, run your brush under some water. You can really see just how dirty it is when the water hits the bristles.

After you've wetted your brush, put some Olive Oil in your hand and twirl the bristles of your brush in the oil. Then you can start massaging the oil into the brush; make sure you do this over sink! It gets messy. You really get to see all of the gunk that gets stuck in your brushes. Yuck!

This was just me, it didn't say to on Pinterest, but I started squeezing out my brush while massaging the oil into it. I did this for a good ten minutes and I was still getting huge globs of makeup out of my brush. I'll be cleaning it more often, I can tell you that much.
After you've massaged your oil into the brush, run it under some water and squeeze the water (and makeup) out of your brush! Hot or cold water, it doesn't matter. You'll be amazed at the gunk that comes out!

Yuck! I sometimes wonder what I'm putting onto my skin...it just looks so...bleh! I can only imagine the bacteria that could just live in that...it makes me sick and so, so glad I did clean my brushes! 

After you rinse your brush pretty good, you don't have to get every out, then you'll move onto shampoo. Try to use a mild shampoo or baby shampoo. You don't want to ruin your brush's bristles. Gently lather the shampoo into your brush and try to keep the shape of your bristles. You don't want to cause breakage. 

Then rinse when you're satisfied. And repeat if you wish. I shampooed mine twice. 

You can then squeeze the water out of your brush with paper towels then lay it out somewhere safe for a couple of ours. My brush took overnight to dry, but it's thick. Yours might dry quicker. 

I'm more confident in my brush now. It's so soft and feels great! You can bet I'll be cleaning it a great deal of a lot more often. At least once every two weeks!

I'm thinking about making a Natural Foundation soon...keep in touch!

Thanks for reading!

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Things Are Looking Up

Good morning everyone! Well, I'm a little down-hearted because I just got finished watching the episode "Journey's End" on Doctor Who (the newer series). The Doctor should have just taken Rose with him...the 2nd Doctor be darned. Someone else could have watched him. The real Doctor and Rose could have flown away in the Tardis and lived happily ever after...until Rose got old and withered away, but whatever! Still a better love story then Twilight.

All Doctor-Who-ness aside, I've got some good news! My financial aid at BCTC has finally been taken care of! I accepted and submitted it yesterday, actually. Now I'm just waiting for the "pending" notification to go away; then my tuition and books are paid for and I'll get a refund sometime in the next month or so. Woot! Woot! God is good-all the time. : )

I've been thinking about starting another small blog on Tumblr. Something has been eating at me lately. I've got this blog all about my Marine and me...which is so, so important to me. It seems to take up a lot of my time...but I'm spending more time worrying and thinking about it then my God. And He should always come first. 
I've been eaten by condemnation and guilt though. How could something take place before my Loving Lord and Savior? So I've decided to start a blog about faith and love in the Lord on Tumblr. I don't have a name for it yet, and I'm not quite sure how it's going to go...but I think it'll help me keep on track more. I'll have something public I'm obligated to; which is embarrassing to say that I have to be obligated to work harder for God...but distractions have been all around me. I think I can get more focused on Him with something physical that I have to write about everyday. 
I'm still praying on it. I'm going to continue praying on it, and I'll let you all know if and when I get it up. 

Some side news-good new! 

I have the best most-likely-probably-yeah-they're-gonna-be-future-in-laws in the world. Yesterday I sent a text to Austin's mom telling her that my dad and I had decided to have a pizza/movie night (Avengers and supreme if you wanna know) yesterday night, so I wouldn't be a church. Well I got a phone call from her not even a two minutes after that. 
We chatted a little and then she said that her and Aust's dad were going to see Austin in NC around the weekend of July 4th. I think Austin gets a day or two of leave or something. Anyway...then she asked if I could take off work and go with them as my birthday gift!
Of course, I accepted and said "yes". How could I resist? 
However, I still have to see if I can get off work for five-ish days...I'll take it as my vacation or something. My boss can't say no (well she could...) it's my birthday! (My birthday is really June 29th but whatever...). I'm hoping and praying that I can get off. I'll work on my days off or something to make up for it. I can do that much at least.
The trip is just in the planning stage though...so who knows? I'm just excited at the thought of seeing Austin. I miss him. 

But I'm going to get some exercise before it rains...maybe go to mom's house for a swim or something. I haven't visited her in a while. I miss her too! 

Thanks for reading everyone, things are looking up,

My God's good<3


No Motivation

I don't know why, well, I might know why, but I don't have any motivation to write lately.

I hate that. I really do. I've been doing a bunch of stuff...I just don't have the motivation to get on here and type it all out. I'm going through a..."transitional" stage in my life right now though. Making some big decisions. Things to keep in my life; if they're worth it; things to take out of my life; my career path; schooling; finding a new job (my current isn't cutting the bills); ect.

I'm having a hard time figuring everything out. I've been distracted a lot lately. I don't know. Call this a funk. Call this a rut. Whatever it is, I'm in it.

I've been thinking about moving out lately too. They're some apartments in town at a good price. If I get a new job like I think I might, I'm thinking about moving out of the house...I'll be closer to school too. I just hate to leave dad by himself though. I don't know how he'd do without me. I'd be constantly worrying over him...

We'll just see.

Oh, and I finally got a reply out of Austin after about 2-3 weeks of non-comunicato. I got told I was loved. I guess that's what counts. Still...a talk will be issued. An overdue talk. Wish my luck and send prayers my way.

Thanks for reading,



My God is my everything, but I know I don't always treat Him that way. In fact, that's most of the time.
I'm so ashamed of that. God gives me so, so many blessings; my family, my health, my house, the fact I woke up this morning, I can breathe, I can walk, I can share the gospel freely! God gives me these things and so much more, but I take it all for granted...I take Him for granted. I break His heart daily and somehow, someway, God always finds the patience and mercy to forgive me and love me.
My Lord died for me; why is it so hard to give Him everything? It sounds like it should be so, so easy to just give yourself and everything over to God. For some reason, I always seem to go in circles.
It feels like I get so, so close to Him...and them I mess up and I drift away. Like a slow fade. I don't even notice that it's happening until I'm so low, I'm on my knees crying out for help.
But I've found that's the perfect position to pray. And I always find that He's always there. Always waiting. He didn't walk away, I did. I'm really tired of walking away. Of drifting away...

There's a song by Lifehouse called "Everything". They hosted a skit for their song. It's beautiful. It's so touching.

Every time I watch this I cry. It just reminds me how thankful I am of my God. How much He has given me. How much He protects me from. He takes away dangers I don't even know exist. He's always constantly working for my well-being...and He just wants me to love Him with my whole heart.

So I'm asking for some prayer, because I'm going through a big trial. I've been questioning a lot of things in my life right now, and I've been doing my best to listen to God and do the right thing and make the right decisions. There are things to be taken out of my life...but there are things to be given. I'm just not sure what those are yet.

"-And be amazed and be changed by a perfect God," - "Perfect People" by Natalie Grant

"If God is for us, who can be against us?" - Romans 8:31

Thanks for listening,


No Idea

I've got a wedding to photograph tomorrow...

...and I have no idea what to wear.

Fishing @ Green River

Oww. Oww. Oww. Ow.

I went fishing at Green River yesterday with my grandfather, Goable and my little cousin, Amber. It was really fun, but now, I'm really sun-burned. Bad. I look like a lobster who's got a sunburn. It's terrible. But anywho, here are some photos:

It was a great day. :)


I'm Geeking Out!

Howdy everyone! Hope you're having a great morning! I know I am.

It's around 10:04 and I've already went out to jog, got the mail, and played with my little kittens! Oh how I love them~! So cute! But I'm about to be on my way to Richmond...why?

That's why. Look at that contact. I put that in my eye yesterday! My contact was bothering me really bad, and I put a couple of eye drops in before I thought to take it out and look at it. I didn't like what I saw. Luckily I had carried my glasses with me. I wore them the rest of the day and I'm wearing them now. I hate my glasses though. I got them when I was in my teenage-emo-stage that every adolescent goes through at some time or another...they're black and blocky. I think they look bad on me.

You can tell the difference.

Without glasses:

See? Subtly decent. Triple points I happen to be sporting my Batman shirt today.

With glasses:

Awkwardly geeky. That's all I can say. The Batman shirt does help though. I guess I'm just geeking out today. I really hope I can just go pick some up today and they have mine in stock. I have to watch little babies at VBS tonight. That's hard enough without having to guard your glasses from their cute, grubby little hands.

I have to pick up a part for my poor Monty too. I have to get him some break pads because they've been squealing. Hopefully I can find his year today too and not have to wait to order some. I've procrastinated on getting some, and he's been squealing for about two weeks now. Let's hope my breaks don't give out on the way to Richmond today.

Thanks for reading, I'm out and on my way,


P.S. If any of you have been following on the Facebook page; I'm not gonna be updating it for a little bit. In fact I'm not gonna be on Facebook at all-my personal page or Winging It's- for a while. I'm not too sure how long. But be sure to check back in here every once in a while for a good update! Thanks!

He's Been Promoted!

If you all haven't noticed the changes to the left side panel of my blog...I insist you look. Particularly around the first sentence of Austin's bio.

Yes, he's a Lance Corporal now! (If you're reading this; congrats baby!)

I'm so proud of him. I'm so, so proud. I'm the proudest girlfriend in the history of forever on this planet. (Well, graduation was pretty awesome...) No longer is he a private, or a pfc, he's a lance corporal! Which, no-isn't the highest rank in the world, but it's some rank and it's taken a lot of hard work. Anyone who says otherwise can suck my toes and die.

What? I'm a tad protective of my own. I can't help it.

But I'm proud of him; I just had to brag a little, ya know? And I'm gonna ask that you all be praying for Austin. I haven't gotten to hear from him lately; but his parents have. They say he sounds tired and worn out. I'm just a tad worried about him. I know Austin is in God's hands, but I can't help it. I worry anyway. And it's bad that I do that, and I'm working on it.
I just love him to little pieces and never want anything bad to ever happen to him. If I could move there now and take care of him all the time, I so would. I really would.


Anywho, I'm getting some sleep. I watched seven babies at VBS tonight and it has worn me out.

Thanks for reading!