So Tired Is I, Sleep Is What I Has Not

So tired is I, Sleep is what I has not. Yep. I so just pulled a Yoda.

Anywho! I got some blood test results done if you guys remember; and I have good news today! It's taken so long for the results because I actually had to go in for a second test. They didn't have enough blood for the first one, somehow. Anyway; I have a type of mono called "Epstein Barr" or something like that, and I've had it for so long without knowing it that I'm in the recovery stage. So fluids, vitamins and rest should do it. The best part: I'm not contagious! So there's no hassle at work! I love it. :)

I'm so excited though! I might get to see Austin within the next 2-3 weeks! I'm counting down days, literally. He said he might get to fly down if he gets leave after he gets back from Cali. I'm hoping. I'm praying. I really miss him.
If he can't then I plan on flying over to see him sometime SOON. I've got enough saved up; I've got paychecks coming in. I'll make it work.

I'm nervous too though. I have a wedding coming up that I have to photograph. Well, TWO actually. Just that this first one is on the 7th of June. That's like, a week away. I still don't have a purple shirt to go with my slacks. I need to go shopping. But I'm just worried I'll mess up and ruin the bride's perfect day. This is my first wedding! I'm not getting paid for it, I'm doing it as a gift to the couple (it's my cousin's wedding...). I've been working my camera all week though. Practicing on shots, finding light...ect. Just be praying for me and the couple.

Thanks for reading,


Memorial Day

Remembering those who paid the ultimate sacrifice today. There isn't much to say but thank God that there were and are men and women willing to put their lives on the line and give it all.
Remember to take a moment of silence at 3pm today to remember the fallen and their families.

 "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."
John 15:13

Happy Memorial Day Everyone! Safe Travels!


I Hate My Immune System

Ladies and gents, I hope you've had a great Friday!
I'm trying really hard to enjoy it myself, and I am, when I'm not sleeping or so unfocused it's like I'm not really awake anyway. Yes, I hate to say it, but I'm sick.
Again. I hate my immune system.
On Memorial Day weekend. When I have an 8-hour shift tomorrow. When I've missed TWO days of work already. When I get Sunday AND Monday off. I'm sick. I have the flu. Poo. :(

I've been so, so tired the last couple of weeks, it's killed me. I haven't been able to focus. No matter how much I sleep, I'm tired. (I slept for 15 hours total out of the 24 hours of my day Wednesday, and I was still exhausted). Then Tuesday, I was nauseous and throwing up and all that good stuff.
I finally got tired of being tired. I went to the doctor.
After getting checked out, it was found that I have a fever, but the initial check-up said I was fine. The fever and my extreme exhaustion and headaches were odd, so the doctor ordered blood tests.

I hate needles, and I usually get sick watching my blood get taken. I took the notion to watch this time though, because why not? If I'm interested in being a pediatrician I should get used to it. I did good. Pretty okay...I only got sick after the nurse left.

Anywho, I got a CVC test done and a Mono (short for Mononucleosis) test done. I got the results for my CVC today. I'm normal, thank the Lord. The doctor said it looked like a viral infection, well, the flu, to be more specific. Lots of rest and fluids. Yes, ma'am!
My mono test results come in tomorrow, or they're supposed to. I'm kinda nervous. I've had mono before, and I know it's in my body still, just in-active. I know the resting period for mono is 30 days. I can't have that. I have a job. I have bills. I don't have time for swollen spleens and body aches and fevers.

I hate my immune system.

I have to be taking like eight kinds of pills right now, so I don't understand. I'm taking women's vitamins, regular vitamins, Biotin, vitamin B, Clariton...and now Tylonol every eight hours! How much more help could I give my body???

Well, please be praying. That's all I'm gonna ask. I'm going to sleep.

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Oh, before I forget:

  Remember those who have served and whom have paid the ultimate price for your freedom. Thank a vet this weekend. They deserve it. Have a great weekend!

E-Cards! And Upate!

Hello Everyone, sorry for my terrible update habits. I've been so busy, and my priority right now is updating my May Marine Motivation Tumblr page. (Which I'm pretty bad at to so...) I've just been busy. So many decisions. It's terrible.

An update on Austin:

Austin's been training at 29 Palms for a few weeks now. Well, about 3-ish. I've gotten the blessing of hearing his voice once a week. Which, you military girlfriends/fiances/wives will understand, is a very, very, very beautiful thing. We still get to text on and off. Mostly I just send little things because I don't want to bother Austin while he's over there. I have been finding these hilarious e-card pictures I send to him though...

I just thought these were so cute and hilarious! I love them! If you haven't sent a couple of these, I recommend that you should! Your boo will love them. :)

It's almost the end of May though, and Austin should be leaving California sometime early June. I'm excited! I really can't wait, because I plan on going to see him as soon as possible! I've already got money saved for the tickets, so yeah. I'm ready. Ready-freddy.

Gah, I just can't wait until he can come home for good.

Thanks for reading,


Miss Him

I'll have to thoroughly update you all later, right now I only have one thing to say:

I sincerely, dearly, utterly, and crazily miss my Austin to bits right now. I think I'm gonna go insane. :(

Off to work,


Something That Makes You Sweat

I have so many adventurous things I want to do with this blog I can't think straight! I might just start another one! I already have my May Marine Motivation Challenge side-blog currently hosted on tumblr. I think that's enough for now. I might switch this one up a bit when Austin deploys though. Maybe.

I don't know. I'm just blabbing.

Wishing everyone a good weekend!


Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day!

Today is a day to thank all the ladies supporting our men on the battlefield!
Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day!

Time Zone Clock

I have time for a super-quick post before work!

Well, Austin is in California now. More specifically he's at 29-Palms. It's no different then him being in North Carolina, but it feels different anyway. I'm more anxious than usual. I just want him back home. I miss him. And I hate our different time zones. I feel like that's gonna mess with I put a new California timezone clock on the right bar on the side of the blog.
(Feel free to stare at it for a little while...)

But I must be off to work now! (I said "super-quick"). I just wanted to update you all a little bit!

Ciao! Thanks for reading!


"I Hate Sand"

My last post was whiny and down-trodded. I apologize, but I really was a wreck at the moment.

God really hears you when you pray though, and He works things out in His time. Not yours. I praise Him and thank Him every day that it works out like that, because if He gave me everything I wanted, I wouldn't be a very happy person. I wouldn't be the best person I can be. (I'm still not, but I'm getting there!)

An update on Austin:
I know it's not safe to give away the exact day that your soldier is moving somewhere; so I'll just say that Austin is leaving for California very, very soon. He called me yesterday (it was amazing to hear his voice! it always is!) and gave me the impression that he's not very excited about it himself...though, in his circumstances I wouldn't be either. 29 Palms happens to be in the middle of the desert. One comment I heard Austin say over and over was,

"I hate sand."

It was a good phone call. We just really joked a lot; we're a joking couple. Austin can get serious and sweet too though. It's something I love about him. He always surprises me.
Austin's deployment day has been moved too. It's not in December or January anymore. They day he'll be setting off is within the next two months and he's supposed to be gone for around a year. Austin told me that we should still be able to talk and so forth...maybe. Hopefully. I'm really praying on it. I don't know if I could go a year without hearing from him...

Austin should get some leave time after he gets back from California though, in June. I'm really, really looking forward to it. As soon as I know when; I'm taking off work those days and using them as my "vacation days". (Which we really don't have a set amount of days, but a couple of girls are taking a week off at sometime or a another for vacation sooo...) I can't wait to see him! I already have a count-down app set on my phone!
Now, I just have to find him a birthday present...wish me luck!

That's all I'm writing for now, but there should be more later. It's my day off soooo-yep. :)

Thanks for reading!



I'm going to keep this post vague. Because I really just need to let this out without stepping on any toes.

I got some really depressing news today in the middle of dinner. Everyone acted so casual about it; I guess I was the only one who didn't know yet. So I had to act like everything was okay, and I was okay. I wasn't. I went to work earlier this evening in a stooper. I was going through the motions. Now that I've finally gotten home it's all hit me. I can't stop crying.
The worst part is that I heard this information from the wrong person. I should have heard it from the one who it involved. Maybe I'm being selfish and I shouldn't get upset, but I am. I can't help it.  I'm hurt. I'm partially angry. I'm upset. I'm scared. I'm confused.
Something I wasn't going to have to think about until next year is happening very soon. I really wish I didn't find out the way I did.

It just hurts. I'm not entirely sure why it hurts me so much, but it does and I just can't seem to stop from crying now that it's set in. 

I'm asking for prayer. I really need it right now.