E-Cards! And Upate!

Hello Everyone, sorry for my terrible update habits. I've been so busy, and my priority right now is updating my May Marine Motivation Tumblr page. (Which I'm pretty bad at to so...) I've just been busy. So many decisions. It's terrible.

An update on Austin:

Austin's been training at 29 Palms for a few weeks now. Well, about 3-ish. I've gotten the blessing of hearing his voice once a week. Which, you military girlfriends/fiances/wives will understand, is a very, very, very beautiful thing. We still get to text on and off. Mostly I just send little things because I don't want to bother Austin while he's over there. I have been finding these hilarious e-card pictures I send to him though...

I just thought these were so cute and hilarious! I love them! If you haven't sent a couple of these, I recommend that you should! Your boo will love them. :)

It's almost the end of May though, and Austin should be leaving California sometime early June. I'm excited! I really can't wait, because I plan on going to see him as soon as possible! I've already got money saved for the tickets, so yeah. I'm ready. Ready-freddy.

Gah, I just can't wait until he can come home for good.

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