I Hate My Immune System

Ladies and gents, I hope you've had a great Friday!
I'm trying really hard to enjoy it myself, and I am, when I'm not sleeping or so unfocused it's like I'm not really awake anyway. Yes, I hate to say it, but I'm sick.
Again. I hate my immune system.
On Memorial Day weekend. When I have an 8-hour shift tomorrow. When I've missed TWO days of work already. When I get Sunday AND Monday off. I'm sick. I have the flu. Poo. :(

I've been so, so tired the last couple of weeks, it's killed me. I haven't been able to focus. No matter how much I sleep, I'm tired. (I slept for 15 hours total out of the 24 hours of my day Wednesday, and I was still exhausted). Then Tuesday, I was nauseous and throwing up and all that good stuff.
I finally got tired of being tired. I went to the doctor.
After getting checked out, it was found that I have a fever, but the initial check-up said I was fine. The fever and my extreme exhaustion and headaches were odd, so the doctor ordered blood tests.

I hate needles, and I usually get sick watching my blood get taken. I took the notion to watch this time though, because why not? If I'm interested in being a pediatrician I should get used to it. I did good. Pretty okay...I only got sick after the nurse left.

Anywho, I got a CVC test done and a Mono (short for Mononucleosis) test done. I got the results for my CVC today. I'm normal, thank the Lord. The doctor said it looked like a viral infection, well, the flu, to be more specific. Lots of rest and fluids. Yes, ma'am!
My mono test results come in tomorrow, or they're supposed to. I'm kinda nervous. I've had mono before, and I know it's in my body still, just in-active. I know the resting period for mono is 30 days. I can't have that. I have a job. I have bills. I don't have time for swollen spleens and body aches and fevers.

I hate my immune system.

I have to be taking like eight kinds of pills right now, so I don't understand. I'm taking women's vitamins, regular vitamins, Biotin, vitamin B, Clariton...and now Tylonol every eight hours! How much more help could I give my body???

Well, please be praying. That's all I'm gonna ask. I'm going to sleep.

Thanks for reading,


Oh, before I forget:

  Remember those who have served and whom have paid the ultimate price for your freedom. Thank a vet this weekend. They deserve it. Have a great weekend!

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