May Motivation Challenge!

Yes, another challenge. As you can imagine. This one is starting tomorrow.

I mentioned that Austin was going to California sometime in early May. Well, I've decided that while he's gone and training across the continent, I'm going to be doing my own "training" here at home. I'll be getting up early, getting my exercise in everyday, and eating healthy-healthy.

I'll be taking my current weight and BMI and when Austin gets to go back to NC, I'll compare it to my weight and BMI then.
Hopefully we'll see some good results.

But since this isn't a fitness blog, and I don't plan on turning it into one and boring you all with pictures of food everyday, I'll be hosting this challenge on Tumblr.

You can find the page called May Motivation Challenge here! Or copy and paste this link:

And keep on touch on Facebook too! :)

Thanks for reading!

A Boring Update

So it's my day off. I slept until ten this morning. I needed it though. Burger House has finally started our summer hours, meaning we close at ten at night now. Me, being a little thing that needs her sleep, is a little anxious by this. We have been really busy though, and on most nights have been taking orders at or after nine, so I guess it makes sense. I just wish it didn't. I get tired darn it!
Hours though. So whoop! (Always the optimist am I...)

So I've got an appointment with BCTC tomorrow to finally straighten this mess out. I've dropped out of the classes I can, finished the ones I couldn't and am in the process of transferring to Eastern Kentucky University. It's gonna cost more, but it'll be worth it. A loan won't be so bad if I get to work in the career field that I really want to.
Yes, I've got the appointment. I've got all the emails printed, the letters sent put in a folder, and all of my information packed away into this cute little professional binder. It's all ready to go. This whole experience has been so ridiculous and energy-consuming, I'm just glad to be finally getting it done and over with. My mother is coming with me because she says she wants a...friendly...word in. Needless to say, it really won't be friendly.
I think she already has a lawyer on speed dial. Yeah. (Not that I'm complaining...)

Quite honestly, I have a lot of stuff I need to do today on my day off...but you know, I'm just really not feeling up to it. I just feel so tired. I just wanna curl up with some Buffy and take cat-naps all day. I need to do my laundry though. And wash my car. And turn over the dirt in my soon-to-be-garden. And sew a patch in one of my shirts. And do some house work that needs to get done. Search the web for ideas on gifts for Austin's mom (it's her birthday this coming Sunday and I almost forgot!!!) Just so much to do. I really don't want to.
I have tomorrow off, but most likely Lexington will take up a majority of my time. That meeting isn't going to be fun. Then my sister is coming with us...I guess her and my mom want to do some shopping or something while we're there. Sometimes I think I was born to be a man, because shopping doesn't appeal to me as it does most women.  I think it's the money-spending. I know I'll spend it if I have it. So I don't like going shopping. I try to stay away from it unless I have to.

Sorry guys, I really don't  have much news to go on. My next post should be good though. I'll be telling you all about my May Month Fitness Challenge inspired by Austin's soon-to-be-trip to Cali for combat training.

Mhmm. Keep it touch! And thanks for reading!



I feel rushed this morning...I don't like it! I have to work at two today until closing and tomorrow is my mother's birthday! And my friend's birthday! So I have to get their gifts ready before work tomorrow...and I have church before work...and three hours in between to get my mom's gift to her. I can't say what I got for her, because she might possibly, probably-yeah, she reads this.

So you understand I can't tell.
-and I can't tell my friend's yet either. Just in case.
(Ha! Not spilling the beans, guys!)

I got news. Austin is leaving North Carolina for California on May ***. Not for good (thank goodness) but for Urban Combat Training -or something like that- and he'll be back in around a month. I'm worried, a little bit, because it's supposed to be dangerous training...he's supposed to be doing stuff like this:

But quite possibly, knowing him,  in reality he'll probably be doing stuff like this:

But you never know. 
Just please keep him and all of us who worry about him in your prayers. This isn't easy on any side of the fence.

Thanks for reading!


Possible Career Change and I got Baptizd!

Maybe I'm crazy, and this is just one of those ideas that I'm just throwing out there about myself...(like I've done a couple times...) but there's something I've been thinking about lately (and it's NOT guy-related!):

Children + Nursing = Children's Nurse.

Yep. Out there, I know. It's another idea from the medical field, but this isn't coming out of some want for money like my pharmacy idea (that you can read about here). I know. It sounds terrible, but click on the link and read about it first before you judge me! I really thought I wanted that...but it turned out it was just a...faze. I hate those.
I really hope this isn't one. I mean, I really do. Which is why I'm thinking and re-thinking and giving myself time before I go jumping to conclusions about my future. I've been doing some research about being a children's nurse. I'll have to get a regular nursing degree (which takes 2-4 years), get 3-12 months time of internship (preferably as a pediatrics's assistant) and then I have to take a really long, difficult test.

So I really don't want to jump into this before I'm sure-sure-sure. That's three times as sure as normal.
But it all came about when I took a Disaster Relief Training Course not too long ago.

After the initial class, you had an additional specialized class that you could choose from. At first I was going to do food safety with Tanya and Jesse (Aust's parents-we all went together with our church) but something just stopped me. I really had a feeling about the Child Care Class, so I switched over last minute. I'm now "certified" to take care of children in an emergency situation at any Disaster Relief site.
The class was neat. The lady talking to us told us about all the kids and taking care of them. We didn't clean them up and bandage them (that was usually the Red Cross's job-they get to them before we do) but we would take care of them when the parent's weren't around or couldn't be found.

But the class just got me thinking. A lot. I get excited when I think about working with kids. In any situation. I was also thinking about becoming a social worker. I really do love children. I love to play with them and make them laugh! They're just so sweet and too cute! Everyone says I have the patience for working with children too, which I do.
I'm really just gonna look more into Children's Nursing and see if that's what I really want to do. I'm gonna do some major praying on it.

Speaking of prayer, I got baptized today! I've been baptized before, but never at the church I go to now (and am now an "official member" of even though I've been going there a year...). I was nervous, not gonna lie. I had to walk up in front of a bunch of people (which gives me willies anyway!) and trust someone not to drop or drown me while dunking me in water...did I mention it was in front of a bunch of people?! Then afterwards your all dripping wet...and most likely don't have a bra on 'cause you took it off so it wouldn't get wet...and you ladies know what I'm talking about! (So I'll stop there and stop feeding the imaginations of the men reading this) But my grandparents, Austin's grandparents, two of Austin's cousins, my dad and my sister all came to watch. To top it all off, I sung too! I'm now part of the "Valley Girls" (a small group of women that sing together) and am going to start singing with them! I work on most practice days, but Tanya said she could give me CD's or'll all work out. :)

I'm stealing this photo from my sister's instagram! Thanks Rach ;)
 I've got a video that Tanya took, but ya'll aren't seeing that. Haha. Ha. Ha.

Thanks for reading!


Just Call Me "Grouchy Bear"

It's Sunday morning, which is a blessing all in itself! Again, I want to apologize for the lack of posts lately. My motivation has been lacking, my physical strength slacking, and my family has had a rough week to go through.

I don't really have much news to give. Lately, I seem to be in a rut. A really bad rut that I need to get out of. I've been biting people's heads off left and right! It's a wonder my father even tries to speak to me at all! I really don't mean to be this meanie-terrible-person. I'm usually pretty pleasant. I know stress is no excuse for bad behavior, but I'm hacking it and saying that it's mine.
I had a nine-hour work day yesterday, which honestly wasn't bad. I had a lot of fun with the people I work with! There was a ton of laughing and no one really made any mistakes, so it was a good day! (Besides the working through two shifts thing and not having any time for anything yesterday) I'm blessed to have the hours I get now though. I got Thursday added to my schedule, so thumbs up! I'm getting hours! I'm just whining 'cause this my blog and I can :)

 Now, the real reason why I'm all upset. I'm wary to say anything, but it's tied in my blog, and sets the future in the nature of this blog so... I haven't had a decent conversation with Austin for three weeks. He texted me once two weeks ago, and once again last week. I haven't really gotten a response when I've texted him. Which has me on edge, I'm not gonna lie. Usually I've gotten a call...or something by now. I'm not gonna go any deeper than this on here though.

So yes, I've been having this crazy,emotional train running 'round and 'round in my head and heart. I mean, I'm not a blubbering mess or kicking puppies or anything, but I've been pretty grouchy lately and probably not-so-fun to live with. I've been praying a lot though, and I've been preparing myself to make any decision that I have to. (I'm not talking about any one situation so don't jump to conclusions here...) Please be praying for me too. I'm to the point to where I just want a straight answer so I can move on with my life.

But thank you everyone. I know I whine and rant on here a lot more than anything, and I'm working hard to change that. I'm just not too sure what direction my life is gonna take, and that bothers me. I like to plan. I like surety.

Thanks for reading!



Hello Everyone! Apologies for not posting lately. I've had a cousin in the hospital because of a really bad wreck him and his friend got into. God had His hands on both of them. The posts should be getting back up to speed regularly soon. I'm recuperating from some emotional, physical, and finishing-last-BCTC-class-stress. Just keep in touch! 



Harlem Shake...

So, I'm addicted. Alrighty then. Let's share the addiction! 

Then my personal favorite... ;)

Well wishes on your next hour-long adventure on YouTube watching harlem shake video after video...


The Mysterious Feeling

Hello everyone! I haven't been posting regularly like I always do, I know. Well...I've never had a schedule really...I just whenever. But I apologize none-the-less!
I've just been thinking a lot; about the blog, about my maybe/possible/hopefully-coming-along photography business, and of course, a lot about Austin.

I'll start with my photography business.
First I need a name for the bis', which I'm honestly thinking about sticking with slhallphotography. It's the name I've been water-marking my photos with that I take...and it's my name, so it's copy-righted on it's own. I don't have to jump through so many hoops to get my business's official name. And then there's the buying of the equipment if this is what I'm pursuing. I've been thinking about taking out a loan from a local business and getting what I need and paying it off as I go. I'll get my equipment on time, and I'll be building my credit early. Gotta start somewhere.
Which brings me to the blog.
Winging It is made as a journal and whatever-you-want-to-call-it for the relationship between Austin and I. It's to help support other military girlfriends, fiances and spouses. It relieves a lot of stress when I write about what's bothering me, or what's upsetting me in my life. Well, I need a website for my photography business. So do I make a regular website and link this blog to it, or do I make a new blog...? In addition to this one? Because I want to keep a little bit of the "military girlfriend" theme on my photography's website page too. If just to make me more original (and to keep myself interested). I don't know if I could just post pictures in the blog by itself.
I would stop altogether eventually. So those are some thoughts about that...

And then there's Austin. He hasn't done anything, he's been an angel. I just miss him. I just saw him Easter Sunday, but for some reason...I've just been feeling this...heartache for him. This mysterious feeling. It's not normal. I mean, I miss him every single day...but never all chest-achy like this every day. I've felt like this for a week now. I've prayed on it countless times; asked God for strength if that's what I needed, asked for guidance and even just asked Him (if it's in His will) to just make it stop. It comes everyday, all day.
Austin is where he's always been: North Carolina. I'm working, doing school work, and everything I usually do. Nothing out of the I don't know. Stupid mysterious feeling. He's leaving for California to train for a month or two in May...then I know deployment isn't far away...maybe that's it. I honestly don't know.
I just hope this mysterious feeling goes away. Soon. Like now, please?
I actually cried today. I heard Keith Urban's song "For You" and the tears just came. Stupid woman hormones. Stupid song. Stupid mysterious feeling.

If any of the ladies feel like letting a few water-works loose, here's the video for the song:

I only just noticed it was on the end of "Act Of Valor". (Which if you haven't watched, you need to) That movie made me cry too. I'm just a mess lately. It's almost pathetic, I'm so girly. I swear, I'm usually better about all this...

Well, thanks for reading, I'm off to kill some things on Fallout 3 and regain some of my...dignity.

**Oh, yes, I've added a few definitions to the Marine Jibberish Page! ;)



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The Procrastinating Will-Be Gardner

Hello everyone! I got back from work not too long ago...I'm currently taking up residence at my mother's house. I have to meet a potential client tomorrow at noon. Which I'm extremely nervous about, but yeaaah.

You all know how I did a photography session with my friend Kacy and her boo. The photos turned out to be adorable! And a woman who knows them, saw them too and, apparently, thought they were good!
Good enough to ask me to be the photographer at her wedding in June. Yeah.
It raked me a new one! I'm nervous as can be about this! I mean, it's this woman's big day and I don't want to ruin it. Can you imagine?

"Oh, look at that ruined moment that amateur photographer took of us. My nose looks big."

I'm supposed to meet her tomorrow at the destination of her wedding and talk about it. I'm super-nervous and I've waited last-minute to get my portfolio together. Absolute last minute. Very last minute. As in I'm-going-to-Wally-World-In-The-Morning-To-Get-Some-Quick-Photos-Printed-For-My-Portfolio-Last-Minute.
Mhmm. Which brings up the question; is this what I really want to pursue? I mean, I have a co-worker who wants me take photos of her honey-bunny and her too. It's all coming so easy...I mean, I'm wondering if this is something I'm supposed to do. If it's "God-given". (I mean, everything is God-given, know what I mean!)
What would I name my photography business? I'd have to start a second blog!!! (Hehehe...winkwink)

So many things, but I'm too tired to think about them right now...this morning I started on my garden. By hand. Literally. Because I don't have a "turn-over" to turn over the land, and I had a bunch of weeds where my garden is supposed to be, I took a scythe-thingy and a metal rake to that sucker. I worked from 9-12 this morning.

I have blisters on my hands now, but they're satisfying blisters. One is all gross and leaky though...ugh. Bleh. Ow. How do you even treat blisters? I've popped the thing and pulled of some grotesque skin but it's still all....there. And gross. And hurting.
What? Let me whine. It's my blog.

But goodnight all; this girl is hitting the hay! I've gotta get up early!

Wish me luck and thanks for reading,


Hiking! Yes!

Hello everyone!
I'm so tired! I worked this morning, not for too long, just from 11:30 to 4:00...but afterwards I went hiking with my sister, Rachael! That just kicked my butt because I've been doing this leg and ab exercises everyday and I'm so sore from yesterday's work out...

All copyrights go to Rachael Hall and none other. Yes, I know. I'm white.
All copyrights go to Rachael Hall.
All copyrights go to Rachael Hall. My feet look awkward...
It was so, so fun though! I love hiking! I love the outdoors! I used to hate it as a kid. My brother, Amon, and Rachael would go walking in the woods back behind the house and I would sit inside and watch Sailor Moon. (Such a good show, I loved it! Still do.) Now though, I love the outdoors. I can't get enough! Honestly, I'm thinking about hiking half the Appalachian Trail while Austin's on deployment. You know, taking a small tent and some supplies and hiking from down in Georgia back up to Kentucky. It sounds fun to me! If anyone wants to be my hiking buddy, let me know :)

Thanks for reading!


Day Out With The Girls

I love a good girl's day, especially when it's my family. We haven't had much time together lately, so we all just made the decision to go to Lexington and eat and hit the mall!
We left at 9:30 this morning (early-ish, but Rachael had to be at work by 3:00 sooo-), so I got up at 7:00. Thirty minutes early! Woot! (I'm actually really tired right now, but I'm texting Austin, so you can bet I'm not sleeping just yet!)
But we ate at the Olive Garden! I love that place, the food is so, so good! I love their endless soup and salad deal. I get so full! Chicken and Gnocci for the win! Who else is with me?

This is my younger cousin, Amber. She finally is old enough to go with us on our Girl's Days!
Yay! I love her :)
 The poor guy serving us was constantly re-filling our salad and drinks. We're veggie-freaks. And bread-stick freaks. And alfredo-sauce-freaks. (Well, the rest of my family is, I don't really like the stuff...the alfredo sauce. I love everything else!)
Then we got dessert. We NEVER get dessert, but I guess today was just...special.

I forgot the name; maybe it was Zoppoli. Anyway, it was really good! The squares are like doughnuts, except more...sugary...and then you had chocolate sauce to dip them in. I almost died, it was so delicious! I took great deal not to think about all the calories I was was just so good!

Then we went looking around the Fayette Mall, which is always fun, because none of hardly ever get to go! We went into a few stores, nothing major. Rachael was a total shopaholic though. Going into every store...she sometimes wears me out when it's just me and her. I'm not as much as a shopper as she is. I like my hard-earned-money too much.
There was one thing that I was looking at though.  Just looking of course, it's not like I could get it for myself...well I could, but that would be freaky, weird and inappropriate.

Yes, it's a ring! Not just any ring, but an engagement ring! I know. I'm jittery just thinking about it. I was walking around in JCPenny's one day with Rachael and I remember seeing this one. It's so simple and small, and not the price that most girl's would be appreciative of, but I love it. It's not even really an bridal ring, it's a promise ring. I've been hesitant to say much about it, but Austin and I have talked about getting married. I mean, we're waiting until the right time, but we have talked about it.
I'll have to put the whole story in another post, because there's too much emotion and just...awe-ness in it to put in this one.
It needs a post of it's own.
But anywho, I think the ring is beautiful, even if it's not a huge rock on a gold band. I don't feel I need that and honestly, I don't like those. I feel like a ring with a big diamond would get in the way a lot. I want a simple ring, that's still equally beautiful, still with a small diamond (or my birth stone) that I can wear all time and be able to show off!
I think this one is beautiful and unique. I would love it. What do you ya'll think? I thought about sending the picture to Austin via text with a winky face. It never happened. I'm not bold enough for that. :)

These are pretty and I like them. More expensive too. I still like my cheap, promise ring better though.
And once my mom and mamaw saw that I had started looking at rings, they came over too. Had the lady at the counter take some out and let me try some on. The nice lady was just telling me all about them and said that it wasn't unfamiliar for a woman to come in and take pictures...said she's a few men come in and actually buy them afterwards. I should have gotten my ring size while I was at it ;) Lol.

It was a great day though. I loved it. I've said it a million times and you'll see it on here a million more; but God has blessed me. So, so much. I couldn't even begin to thank him. I couldn't even start to try.

Thanks for reading!


TWD: Day 14

The Walking Dead Challenge continues!

Day 14: Scale 1-10; do you find the Walking Dead to be actually...scary?

picture source

On a scale of 1-10...I'd give the show a 4 or a 3. Not once during the whole show have I ever really been scared, which is part of why I like it. I'm a cry-baby when it comes to scary movies. Seriously. All of those Paranormal Activity movies almost did me in...I'm proud to say I've watched them all.
I don't think horror was really what the creators of the show wanted anyway. It's all drama. Drama. DRAMA. And us Americans love us a big 'ole bucket of crying-spitting-kissing-in-the-rain-drama.

BAM! Somebody dies on the show and we love it! But we hate it! But we all LOVE IT!

It's a sick world.
picture source
 IAnd really gory. I could do without all that. :/

Thanks for reading!


Hubble Park Photo Session

I got to take some beautiful photos today with the cutest and most hilarious couple! One of the girls I work with has been trying to get some pictures of her and her "hunny" for the past year. When we got talking about it, I volunteered. I love photography, and she wanted some photos. Why not?
And so today, I found myself at Hubble Park.

 I traveled around the park taking pictures and finding spots to pose the couple while waiting for them to arrive. I came early to get the "lay of the land" before we all just jumped into everything.

The American flag was a must. It looked so beautiful flowing in the wind like that. And I caught it at just the right moment. God bless.

This is my typical back-seat when I go on a photo-session. I have my laptop, some paints (in the bag, you can't see either of them), a blanket, a picture frame, a tripod, some extra clothes and some water bottles. Oh, and some tennis shoes. Just in case.

 As you can see, the couple is lovely. We took so many pictures, I filled up the SD card they gave me to use, and then had to put some on an SD card of my own that I'd brought. It was a beautiful day, though. They were such good subjects and such good company. You could tell how much they cared for each other. It was all over their faces and in their posture (and in the way they constantly teased each other-adorable!). Maybe Austin and I can get some pictures taken like this someday...maybe. Hopefully.

But thanks to the couple for the wonderful day, and to you, my readers.
Oh, and if anyone is interested in me taking their photos, feel free to send me a hollar!


Tattoos and the Modern "Christian"

Oh, deary me. There's been something on my mind lately that I've been thinking about. I want a tattoo.
However, there are many that believe that followers of Christ shouldn't get tattoos. It's a spiritual debate that's been going on for a while...and there are so many opinions that I've been having trouble coming up with one of my own. I've read posts, online web pages, and searched Google until my fingers are tired. Not an answer did I find that set my mind at ease.
So I did some research of my own and pulled out my own trusty Bible.

I went to Levitcus first, because it's been the highlight of the argument against "Christians" getting tattoos so far. Verse 19:28 in Leviticus states;
"Never slash your body to mourn the dead, and never get a tattoo. I am the Lord."
Well, that was a simple search-and-answer. Case closed. Until I started talking to my dad about it to get his opinion. He said that he didn't believe that, because above Lev. 19:28 the Bible also states to "never cut your hair". My dad made the point that everyone would be going to Hell if that was the case. You can't believe one part of the Bible and not the other, and you can't take out the parts you don't like either. He got me thinking, so I read deeper.
I noticed that God was telling Moses to tell all of these things to the people of Isreal. To a certain people.

Honestly, I think a tattoo is like anything else. A personal choice. It could be a sin though, if decided for the wrong reasons. If you're pure in intentions, however, I really don't see a problem with it. I know what my first tattoo will be of though, if I decide to get one:

I really want a cross somewhere on my body. A small one, as a testament of my commitment to my Lord and Savior. A tattoo is permanent, and so is my love and relationship with my God. It would be nice to have as a small reminder when things get rough. I'm not all that sure of the placement though. I was thinking a very small one on the inside of my wrist, or my finger. Quite possibly my ankle.
I have a few more tattoos I'm interested in, not committed on getting like the small cross.

I love the meaning behind the anchor, heart and cross. I love the anchor period. I'm gonna have to look up Hebrews 6:19 sometime too!

These are more of a thought than anything, though if I got to travel enough, I would love to get the compass. I'm too much of a chicken to get the large dream catcher on my spine...I love the colors of the feather!

I don't know. There are so many to choose from and I don't want to make the decision lightly on such a permanent thing. I'm definitely giving my choice some thought and time.
And don't take my view on getting a tattoo as a "Christian" as your own decision. I encourage you to do some research on your own and come up with your own conclusion. It's a personal thing.

Thanks for reading!


TWD: Day 13

I know, I've been lacking a lot lately. I have a lot to make up for. I'm gonna post day 13 of the Walking Dead Challenge and continue from there as normal. Hopefully no more distractions come up and I'll finish this.

Day 13: How do you think the show will end? 

I think that Rick will wake up from his real coma and the zombie apocalypse was all just a dream. I haven't read the comics so I don't know if this is going to happen or not, it's just a guess. I just don't see how everyone on Earth would be able to survive and go on about their business after something as terrible as what happened.

Thanks for reading!


An Amazing Easter Weekend

Okay, I understand that I've been absent this weekend, but for a good reason!

Austin came in this weekend. Yes. Yes. YES! I had forgotten if he said he was coming in for Easter weekend or the it was kind of a little surprise when he called me Friday morning and was all "Hey, I'm home. Wanna come over?" I had to work at four but it was only nine-thirty so I was all for it. I swear, it was the fastest I had ever gotten ready.

I met up with his family and him at his grandparents house and we went out to lunch. Goodness, I'd missed him. It was great spending time with him and his family all at the same time. They're all such cut-ups and so comfortable to be around. It's just a fun time with them all together.
After lunch we went back to Austin's house and him and I watched Family Guy and David Chapel (not sure I'm spelling his name right...) on Netflix.
Then I had to woooork. Blah. But Terry, my boss, let me off early, bless her heart : )

Saturday I had to work from eleven to four, which wasn't bad. Afterwards I met up with Austin and his little brother Matthew at his house. They were planning out some strategies for an online game...or something or another like that. I wasn't too sure. He's such a nerd, but he's my nerd, lol.
We just kinda lazed around at his house until it was dinner time. We went over to Aust's grandparent's house and feasted on lasagna, salad and garlic bread. It was so good!

Easter was fun. I got ready in the dress I got for the occasion. (If you look to the right, you'll see the picture of me I stole from my mother. She won't mind...hopefully.)
When I got to Austin's that morning, him, Matt and his grandparent's were waiting for me in the car...I was a little late. It was all good though, we got there at a good time. In fact, I probably did them a favor.
After the early morning service at mammi and pawpi's (what I call Aust's grandparents) church, there was a ton of food to eat! I got some fresh fruit and I home-made cinnamon roll. It was all soooo good.
We went back to house when we were finished and everyone ('cept moi) went to go change and get ready for the actual church service at our normal church (Vally Baptist).
I was goofing around with Matthew on the piano when Jesse, Aust's dad, yells out "Sarah, you're going to have to close your eyes! And not open them for the rest of the day! Don't look at my kid!" I was clue-less.
At least until Austin walked out.
He was in a brand-new black suit I hadn't seen before, complete with a greenish-teal colored tie that went beautifully with his eyes. He looked so, so amazing! Tanya (Austin's mom) took some pictures of us; I'll share them on here with ya'll when I get the chance. I mean, I'm conflicted to share them with you guys 'cause I don't want you staring at my Austin for that long...he looked so good. Just...ahhhhhhhhhh....

The church service was awesome. You could just feel God there. Tanya taught our women's class and I was just about in tears with her re-telling of God's arising. She put so much emotion into it. I felt like I was there. I felt like Mary, in confusion and heart-ache, wondering where they had moved my Lord's body. I was just moved. I felt God and I loved it. I wanted more.
Our pastor talked about how so many people get dressed up and go to church on Easter Sunday. Thousands of people who normally don't, go and sit and listen to the service, but don't ever come back 'til the next year. How can you love God only 1 day out the 365 in a year? (Not to say you don't love God if you choose not to go to church; that's your personal relationship with Him and I would never judge anyone like that.) My heart just aches for those lost. I want to do something about it.
Austin surprised us all by saying the opening prayer. It's stupid, but I just felt this pride-thing seeing him up there. It sounds stupid, but I did. Austin has a really good voice. I don't mean that sound-wise (well, good sound-wise too but that's not the point I'm making) but speaker-wise. He seemed so at ease up there...
He sat next to me the whole time and held my hand when I didn't need it to turn pages in my bible. I loved it.
I love him.
But I hated it when he had to leave. Which, of course, he had to. We left a little bit early from church because they had to be on the road by 12:30 to make it to his flight back to North Carolina. He was flying out of Louisville, which is about 3 hours away. His flight was at 4:15, so they had to get a move on. After getting teased for our goodbye kisses and sweet-nothings, Austin and I parted ways. I drove Matthew home and he made jokes and kept me laughing the whole way home. Maybe my defeated-mood was noticed.

After I dropped him off, I went over to my nanny's house. She was having an her Easter Dinner. We feasted and told jokes and laughed and just had a great time together. Everyone asked after Aust and wanted to know where he was going next and what he was doing. That's what I love about my family; all of them. They care.

And I special thank you to my sister, Rachael! When I woke up Easter morning, this is what I found. I have the most amazing sister in the universe and beyond and I wouldn't trade her for a thing. I named the teddy-bear "Austi". "He's supposed to keep you company," Rachael said.

Yeah, I had the best Easter weekend. I really did. I hope everyone's was as good as mine. I know I had real blessings this year.

Thanks for reading!