Possible Career Change and I got Baptizd!

Maybe I'm crazy, and this is just one of those ideas that I'm just throwing out there about myself...(like I've done a couple times...) but there's something I've been thinking about lately (and it's NOT guy-related!):

Children + Nursing = Children's Nurse.

Yep. Out there, I know. It's another idea from the medical field, but this isn't coming out of some want for money like my pharmacy idea (that you can read about here). I know. It sounds terrible, but click on the link and read about it first before you judge me! I really thought I wanted that...but it turned out it was just a...faze. I hate those.
I really hope this isn't one. I mean, I really do. Which is why I'm thinking and re-thinking and giving myself time before I go jumping to conclusions about my future. I've been doing some research about being a children's nurse. I'll have to get a regular nursing degree (which takes 2-4 years), get 3-12 months time of internship (preferably as a pediatrics's assistant) and then I have to take a really long, difficult test.

So I really don't want to jump into this before I'm sure-sure-sure. That's three times as sure as normal.
But it all came about when I took a Disaster Relief Training Course not too long ago.

After the initial class, you had an additional specialized class that you could choose from. At first I was going to do food safety with Tanya and Jesse (Aust's parents-we all went together with our church) but something just stopped me. I really had a feeling about the Child Care Class, so I switched over last minute. I'm now "certified" to take care of children in an emergency situation at any Disaster Relief site.
The class was neat. The lady talking to us told us about all the kids and taking care of them. We didn't clean them up and bandage them (that was usually the Red Cross's job-they get to them before we do) but we would take care of them when the parent's weren't around or couldn't be found.

But the class just got me thinking. A lot. I get excited when I think about working with kids. In any situation. I was also thinking about becoming a social worker. I really do love children. I love to play with them and make them laugh! They're just so sweet and too cute! Everyone says I have the patience for working with children too, which I do.
I'm really just gonna look more into Children's Nursing and see if that's what I really want to do. I'm gonna do some major praying on it.

Speaking of prayer, I got baptized today! I've been baptized before, but never at the church I go to now (and am now an "official member" of even though I've been going there a year...). I was nervous, not gonna lie. I had to walk up in front of a bunch of people (which gives me willies anyway!) and trust someone not to drop or drown me while dunking me in water...did I mention it was in front of a bunch of people?! Then afterwards your all dripping wet...and most likely don't have a bra on 'cause you took it off so it wouldn't get wet...and you ladies know what I'm talking about! (So I'll stop there and stop feeding the imaginations of the men reading this) But my grandparents, Austin's grandparents, two of Austin's cousins, my dad and my sister all came to watch. To top it all off, I sung too! I'm now part of the "Valley Girls" (a small group of women that sing together) and am going to start singing with them! I work on most practice days, but Tanya said she could give me CD's or something...it'll all work out. :)

I'm stealing this photo from my sister's instagram! Thanks Rach ;)
 I've got a video that Tanya took, but ya'll aren't seeing that. Haha. Ha. Ha.

Thanks for reading!


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