Hubble Park Photo Session

I got to take some beautiful photos today with the cutest and most hilarious couple! One of the girls I work with has been trying to get some pictures of her and her "hunny" for the past year. When we got talking about it, I volunteered. I love photography, and she wanted some photos. Why not?
And so today, I found myself at Hubble Park.

 I traveled around the park taking pictures and finding spots to pose the couple while waiting for them to arrive. I came early to get the "lay of the land" before we all just jumped into everything.

The American flag was a must. It looked so beautiful flowing in the wind like that. And I caught it at just the right moment. God bless.

This is my typical back-seat when I go on a photo-session. I have my laptop, some paints (in the bag, you can't see either of them), a blanket, a picture frame, a tripod, some extra clothes and some water bottles. Oh, and some tennis shoes. Just in case.

 As you can see, the couple is lovely. We took so many pictures, I filled up the SD card they gave me to use, and then had to put some on an SD card of my own that I'd brought. It was a beautiful day, though. They were such good subjects and such good company. You could tell how much they cared for each other. It was all over their faces and in their posture (and in the way they constantly teased each other-adorable!). Maybe Austin and I can get some pictures taken like this someday...maybe. Hopefully.

But thanks to the couple for the wonderful day, and to you, my readers.
Oh, and if anyone is interested in me taking their photos, feel free to send me a hollar!


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