A Boring Update

So it's my day off. I slept until ten this morning. I needed it though. Burger House has finally started our summer hours, meaning we close at ten at night now. Me, being a little thing that needs her sleep, is a little anxious by this. We have been really busy though, and on most nights have been taking orders at or after nine, so I guess it makes sense. I just wish it didn't. I get tired darn it!
Hours though. So whoop! (Always the optimist am I...)

So I've got an appointment with BCTC tomorrow to finally straighten this mess out. I've dropped out of the classes I can, finished the ones I couldn't and am in the process of transferring to Eastern Kentucky University. It's gonna cost more, but it'll be worth it. A loan won't be so bad if I get to work in the career field that I really want to.
Yes, I've got the appointment. I've got all the emails printed, the letters sent put in a folder, and all of my information packed away into this cute little professional binder. It's all ready to go. This whole experience has been so ridiculous and energy-consuming, I'm just glad to be finally getting it done and over with. My mother is coming with me because she says she wants a...friendly...word in. Needless to say, it really won't be friendly.
I think she already has a lawyer on speed dial. Yeah. (Not that I'm complaining...)

Quite honestly, I have a lot of stuff I need to do today on my day off...but you know, I'm just really not feeling up to it. I just feel so tired. I just wanna curl up with some Buffy and take cat-naps all day. I need to do my laundry though. And wash my car. And turn over the dirt in my soon-to-be-garden. And sew a patch in one of my shirts. And do some house work that needs to get done. Search the web for ideas on gifts for Austin's mom (it's her birthday this coming Sunday and I almost forgot!!!) Just so much to do. I really don't want to.
I have tomorrow off, but most likely Lexington will take up a majority of my time. That meeting isn't going to be fun. Then my sister is coming with us...I guess her and my mom want to do some shopping or something while we're there. Sometimes I think I was born to be a man, because shopping doesn't appeal to me as it does most women.  I think it's the money-spending. I know I'll spend it if I have it. So I don't like going shopping. I try to stay away from it unless I have to.

Sorry guys, I really don't  have much news to go on. My next post should be good though. I'll be telling you all about my May Month Fitness Challenge inspired by Austin's soon-to-be-trip to Cali for combat training.

Mhmm. Keep it touch! And thanks for reading!


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