Marine Jibberish

Some very useful stuff I have learned over the last couple of months. I figure if I’m going to be consorting with a Marine, I should know what he means when he speaks his Marine...jibberish. Keep in mind, not all of these will apply to everyone; there are many different variations of the “Marine Corps Language”. In other words; don’t be hatin’.
I will be adding to this page as I learn more, so keep in touch! And forgive me if I have any repeats!

AO- Area of Operation. This is where your Marine is located and is conducting his/her current mission
Boot- A new Marine, or someone who does something that a new Marine would do, such as wearing dog tags to the beach
BSG- Basic Security Guard School
BUF- Back Up Force
CFT- Combat Fitness Test
Cpl- Corporal; E4; Lowest NCO; Lowest rank to receive blood stripes
Cherry Point- Marine Corps Air Station in North Carolina
Chow- Food; one of the things Marines live for
Commissary- Grocery store on base; a place you don't want to be on payday
CRS- Convoy Route Sweep
Deserts- Desert (brown) cammies
Dress Blues- Dress uniform consisting of a black jacket and blue pants (NCO's have the blood stripe); the most sexiest thing in the universe
EAS- End of Active Service
EGA- Eagle, Globe, and Anchor
Field Day- Cleaning day; Thursday (generally); The worst day of the week
Formation- When Marines have to stand for... EVER; typically, pretty pointless
FUBAR- Proof that I didn't pay attention the first time I watched Saving Private Ryan
Grunt- Infantryman; the only way to be ;)
Gun- "This is for fun."
GySgt- Gunnery Sergeant; E7
Head- Bathroom, restroom, golden seat, ect
High and Tight- Standard haircut; what I prefer as opposed to no hair
Jarhead- Name for a Marine based on the high and tight haircut, resembling a mason jar
JJ DID TIE BUCKLE- mnemonic for the 14 leadership traits; Justice, Judgement, Dependability, Initiative, Decisiveness, Tact, Integrity, Enthusiasm, Bearing, Unselfishness, Courage, Knowledge, Loyalty, Endurance
Jody- I'd like to meet this guy because apparently he's the reason any Marine's girl is incapable of being faithful
LCpl- Lance Corporal; E3
Leatherneck- Another name for a Marine
Lejeune- Marine Base in North Carolina, 
Liberty- The best time of the day, any day
Marine Corps- The tip of the spear and greatest fighting force in our arms.
MCRDSD- Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego
MCRDPI- Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island
MCT- Marine Combat Training; everyone who isn't infantry; "The paper pushers"
MEPS- Military Entrance Processing Station
MEU- Marine Expeditionary Unit
Miramar- Marine Corps Air Station in California
MOS- Military Occupational Specialty; a military person's job
MRE- Meal, Ready to Eat; dehydrated food that generally tastes like crap
NJP- Non-Judicial Punishment
November 10, 1775- The Marine Corps birthday
Page 11-What you receive when you do something "bad"; usually something you get reprimanded for
PCS- Permanent Change of Station; changing bases
Pendleton- Marine Corps base in California
PFC- Private First Class; E2; mosquito wings
PFT- Personal Fitness Test
PT- Physical training; What Marines do at unruly hours of the morning
PVT- Private; E1; No insignia on uniforms
Quantico- Marine Corps base in Virginia
Rifle- NOT a gun; A rifle is for fighting
River City- Reduced communications status
Semper Fi- Short for Semper Fidelis which means "Always Faithful"
Sgt.- Sergeant; E5
SOI- School of Infantry
Soldier- A person in the Army; Something a Marine is NOT
SSgt- Staff Sergeant; E6
Squid- Sailor
UA- Unauthorized Absence
Woodlands- Woodland (dark green) cammies
29 Palms- Air Ground Combat Center in California. No-one really likes it there.
M240 Bravo - A big machine gun. You seriously don't wanna get shot by this thing.
TRP - A Target Reference Point; where you don't want to be.
Mark 150-3 or "SMAW" - One word: Boom.

5.56mm hickey – a scar or blister resulting from a burn suffered (usually on the neck) due to hot brass.
Above my/your pay grade – expression denying responsibility or authority (indicating that the issue should be brought to higher-ranking officials)
Acting jack – assistant drill instructor, or an acting Corporal
Air Force salute – to say, "I don't know" by a shrug.
Ant farm or ant hill – combat outpost with a large number of radio antennae visible.
ARMY – Aren't Ready for Marines Yet/Aren't Really Men Yet, pejorative backronym used by other branches
Back on the block – behaving like a civilian.
Bag nastyA-ration bagged meal issued to Marines (usually recruits or those in-field): it often contain a sandwich, boiled egg, fruit, potato chips, juice or milk.
BAM – Broad Assed Marine; pejorative term for women Marines.
Barracks rat – Marine who rarely leaves base housing unless ordered to.
beer garden – social area permitting the consumption of alcohol etc.; may contain barbecue or picnic facilities.
Big green weenie – denotes that a Marine has been "fucked over" or cheated by the Marine Corps
Bird, ball, hook – alternative for Eagle, Globe, Anchor.
Brat – a service member's child
Brig rat – person who has served much brig time; a habitual offender.
Brightwork – shiny metal which Marines must polish.
broke-dick – Marine on limited or no duty status for medical reasons
Brown-bagger – servicemembers (usually married) who live off base; instead of eating at mess halls they pack meals to work.
'Barney-style – to perform strictly according to regulation; idiot proof; simplified for the benefit of mental underachievers; also called "Breaking it down Purple Dinosaur-style"
C & S – "Clean & Sober" notation formerly entered on the liberty list beside the names of Marines returning from liberty in that condition.
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