TWD: Day 12

The Walking Dead Challenge!

Day 12: What character are you most like on the Walking Dead?

I myself would love to say Maggie. I feel like I'm most like Maggie. I just feel like we would get along well. I can relate to her. You've heard all of this before however. Maybe it's because she's my favorite...
However, I took a quiz on the Walking Dead's website. My results said that I was the most like Andrea.

(you can enlarge the picture by clicking on it)
I don't know if I can agree on that...but you know. I'm not gonna fight with the makers of the quiz. Which you can find here. Or follow this link

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Hello everyone! I've been slacking off on my posts, I know...

I'm in good spirits though! I've just finished a 1,000 word essay for my English 1011 class that I've been putting off for a week. Talk about procrastination.
I'm terrible, I know.
I'm just so happy to finally get it done! I think it's decent...when I come across some document-sharing website I might get it posted up. It was a personal essay about something you believed and the story behind it. I chose "Good things come to those who wait". (I think it's a good one...) I put the story of Aust's graduation behind it. With my own personal touch, I think my essay was the bomb. : )

I've been having thoughts though. Transferring thoughts. Because yes, I'm working on my classes, however, I feel like I'm working towards a mess. Have you ever had that feeling of dread you ignore? Yeah, that's what I'm feeling. With how much work and trouble it's been, I'm not so sure this is where God wants me. I mean, I still don't have my financial assistance worked out, but BCTC isn't having any trouble sending me my tuition bill twice a week.
So, I think I'm going to get these two classes finished and start looking into National College.

I requested information about them a few weeks ago, and I got my packet in the mail today. They have multiple Financial Aid programs, plus tons of degrees that only take 9 months to finish. You can also start your career before you finish. I'm thinking about setting up an interview with National and talking to a few people before I actually transfer though. Eastern Kentucky University is also an option, and I'll look into them more, but I'm feeling pretty good about National. I'd only have to drive like, 15 miles two times a week to take my classes. That's not bad. At all. (Yes, I've decided my next classes WILL NOT be taken online.)

More decisions...

Thanks for reading! And be on the look out for my next posts! I have a few good ideas...regarding tattoos...more of TWD...possibly marriage? Stay updated!


Where did Spring go?

 C'mon Spring, where did you go?

TWD: Day 11

The Walking Dead Challenge continues!

Day 11: If you were bit what would you do?

 This was a hard one. I actually drew a "bite" (a very bad-looking) bit on my arm and tried to imagine what I might actually do.
Suicide is totally out of the question because I just don't believe in that. I've already been bit, why would I want to spend an eternity in Hell on top of that???
I think I'd wait it would suck, but I would. I'd take the time I had left to get my "ship" in order! I'd apologize to whomever I needed to. I'd let those know I care. Get all of those skeletons out of my closet...then, I think I'd find a nice, peaceful place and pray. I'd pray and pray and pray 'til my last breath.

All of this occurring if my team-mates (if I had any traveling with me) didn't decide to knock me off before I'd even changed and let me die a peaceful death...I would like to think whoever that would be would.

I really do.

Thanks for reading!


TWD: 9&10

Late again, I know! Sorry : (

Day 9: Who would you be 100% okay with dying in the next episode?

Merle Dixon. Get out of here. Seriously. Go! Shoo! No one likes you. At all. I don't care if you're Daryl's brother or not; I don't like you.
I will honestly never like this character. Even if he magically turned a new leaf and decided to stop being a worthless "j-a", yeah...still a no. He's just lost all of my respect. He really ties with the Governor on my "least favorite character factor". Merle hasn't contributed anything to the show, except giving Daryl a reason to run off from the rest of the group (which made me despise him even more!). I mean, I can understand him being angry at Rick and the group from having to cut off his hand after they left him tied to that roof, but still...

 Day 10: Thoughts on Andrea?

I'm sorry, but am I the only one who cannot make myself hate Andrea? She's made some stupid decisions, but for the right reasons (or what she thinks are the right reasons). She gives her all when she decides to give. She just wants the people she cares about to be safe. I just wish the show didn't have her sleeping around all the time. It really just portrays her as one big harlot.
Yes, I said harlot.
Andrea has her heart in the right place. She just gives it too freely.

Thought this was one of her best moments...beating a zombie's head in. Yep.

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Well Here We Go Again

Frustration. I'm sorry my posts have been filled with stress and down-trodded-ness...and I'm sorry this is going to be another one. I'm just so frustrated right now. I thought I had all of my schooling worked out; I'm even taking my classes already. It's all fine and dandy...or so I thought.
BCTC sent me an email saying that I had been picked for a process called "verification". I needed to get the "verification worksheet", fill it out and email/mail it in. Which I would understand completely, if I hadn't sent that form in via email months ago. (I even have the email saved that I sent!) This just gives me the answer to all my troubles.
Someone isn't doing their job.
I get paid to do my job right, even if it's just restaurant work. I thought it was a universal rule or something.

Do your job (right). Get paid. Simple.
 And with how much my tuition bill is, I know they get a slice of that cake. I hate the feeling that I'm paying someone to not do their job.

But there's another universal rule I'm forgetting.
When I was small, my father was the stay-at-home-guy. Still is. He broke his back in his last job and can't work anymore, so it was up to my mother to support the family. So, my dad is the regular "Mr. Mom". He does an awesome job at it. He's an awesome cook.
Anyway, when I was little, and I was crying and whining for what I wanted or I was upset. I would say the same thing;

"But, that's not fair!"

My dad would smile (this evil, I-know-more-than-you-parent-smile) and say;

"Well, honey. Life's not fair."

Hence, my life.

Thanks for reading guys! I'm hoping to get some more DIY's up soon. I've got the stuff, I just need the motivation, and the time. I have an 8-hour work day today and church tomorrow (then work). So please bare with me.


TWD: Days 6,7&8

Late Walking Dead updates...

**Warning: Spoiler Alerts

Day 6: How do/did you feel about Shane? 

picture source
I truly tried to like Shane and I did at the beginning. I thought he was a good guy though. That was all before I found out he was sleeping around with his "dead" best friend's wife, that he tried to kill said best friend, that he threatened the group, that he manipulated others, before he killed others and lied, ect, ect, ect...
Need I say more?
I was happy when Rick "offed" him. I would have too, way, way before that. I detested this man. Well, not this man, but the character he portrays...
picture source

Day 7: How do you think the virus that caused the apocalypse started?

picture source

I've thought about this one a lot. My best guess would be that it was government made, or that a citizen playing around with cells and medicine caused the mess (think Resident Evil). I don't think that it was a natural cause though. I really don't think it could have been.

picture source

Day 8: Favorite walker death?

I think that it would be when Daryl is hunting the deer and he comes back to the rest of the group to find that a walker had been eating on it. The rest of the group had cut off the walker's head, but it was still gnashing and Daryl shot an arrow threw it.

"Come on people...what the Hell?"

You can watch the full kill count of  season 1&2 on the Walking Dead here. Decide for yourself! What's your favorite walker death? Or go directly to the video on YouTube here.

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Welcome Spring and Stress

I apologize, I haven't written in a day or two (which means I'm behind on my 30 day challenge...) but I've been feeling yucky and it's been a stressful week. Thankfully, I'm feeling much, much better now. I was out of it, but now I'm back in my funk.
I had to pay all my bills yesterday. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.
Though, it was my fault for procrastinating and not getting them in early like usually...and missing work. That cut a lot out of my paycheck. Budgeting has come into effect.

My online classes are totally kicking my butt. I'm working through modules (which are specific parts of a class and not the whole thing and when they're all completed they add up to whatever credits the class is worth) and every time I finish one the starting date for another one opens up (sometimes before I'm finished with the first) and then I rush through grades are doing fine. I'm just not soaking in the material like I should. Which is bad.

So please be praying on that for me and please be praying for a few un-spokens' I have. Life is just on the rocks at the moment. I hate uncertainty and I've been praying on this matter for a while now and though I know God is working and I just have to have faith...the wait is still hard.

So happy! Spring is here!!! But it's still only 15degrees outside...

Thanks for reading!



Men are confusing and don't ever know what they truly want.


TWD; Day 5

Okay, it's Day 5 of the Walking Dead 30 Day Challenge! I'm feeling a little bit better, not much, but I'm not coughing every second like I was. I really can't miss another day of work...(Which means loading up on the meds and making myself go!)

**Warning: Potential Spoiler Alert!

Day 5: Is Rick a good leader?

picture sources
There are times when I wonder if Rick really is a good leader. He's hardened throughout the series into this stone-cold-killer. He really doesn't give anyone a chance anymore. Ever since Lori died having the baby, he's been even more unstable then usual. Even going so far as to see Lori standing in her wedding gown staring at him and him yelling at her to go away. I think Rick does his best with what he's got, but I think he needs to learn to listen to others better, and give more chances. He really does have what's best for the group in mind.

Plus, who doesn't love a good, ole' fashion cowboy right? ;)

Thanks for reading! 


TWD: Day 4

Good morning, though it would be better if this sickness would wear off's Day 4 of the Walking Dead 30 Day Challenge!

Day 4: Disaster Pairing? 
 I would have to say Shane and Andrea. If those two were to really get would have been a total disaster. First of all, Shane loved Lori (for some reason or another; she's a total crow). Second of all, I have more respect for Andrea then to want her to have to deal with Shane. Third of all, their beginning would have just been scuzzy. Seriously? In a car? What were the producers thinking?
I don't think Shane had any real respect for Andrea anyway, or any other person for that matter. Andrea would have just went along with anything he said. When she gives her loyalty to someone, she really gives it. It would have been a heartbreak for Andrea and an inconvenience for Shane. I'm really glad the directors and producers and whoever-the-heck-else didn't go anywhere far with this pairing.

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Easter Dresses and Sore Throats

First things worth stating; I have a sore throat, ribs, an aching headache and I'm coughing like a Nazi. (No offense to any of ya'll. We're all bros here.) I even had to take off work early yesterday after our KY Wildcats game started. Which I was also sad to have to miss...
It's almost noon though, and this cough isn't going away. I'm going to have to make the decision to call in today or not. If I do, I'll probably hit the doctor's office today.

I haven't got to hear too much from Austin this week since he called last Tuesday. Call me greedy, I miss him. I guess it's that our schedules really don't mix that well; him working all the week days and me working most weekend days (plus Friday and Monday). That's life though! Hopefully I'll get to see him around Easter. If not, well, I'm hoping to make another trip to see him maybe sometime next month anyway.

Speaking of Easter, I've been Easter dress shopping twice and nothing has struck my fancy. Well, a few dresses have, but I don't know. I went to Rue21 and found a few I liked, but I'm so wary of their clothes now. They have great prices, but the clothes don't really seem to be...made that well. I've had a few things rip in my time.

Of all the dresses, I kinda liked the blue one the best. It would have been around $30 dollars with tax though (and the others were even more), so I'm still on the rocks. I don't want to pay so much for so little material, which seems to be the way clothes are prices these days. I need to hurry though, Easter is right around the corner...

Thanks for reading!


Visits to The Alsips'

So this Thursday I was blessed with the chance to spend time with one of my best friends Kaleb. She's one of the few people I've kept in contact with since high school graduation. We've been friends since middle school. We haven't gotten to hang out that much since she's had Lilly; her daughter.( Namely, as I like to call her, my god-daughter.) That, and she's been busy with college while I've been busy with work, work work! However, I found myself with a day off and she found herself in the middle of Spring Break so we both won!
I'm sad that I don't have any more updated pictures of the two of us, I should have taken some this weekend, but I didn't even think to. We look pretty good all spruced up for some high school dance though don't we? We did the whole watch-movies-talk-about-boys-stay-up-late-with-junk-food-girl-thing. It was nice; it was something I needed. I loved it.

I also loved the "junk food" Kaleb made! Both dishes were so good!

The green grapes were covered in lime jello (poured over the grapes still in powdered form) and the raspberries had mini-Hershey's-chocolate-chips shoved inside them! I had never tried either of them, but they were awesome-possum. Something I've going to have to make later.
I also had taco-salad for the first time. I didn't get a picture, but it was really good too. Julie, Kaleb's mother, is a really good cook.
When it came time for me to leave, Kaleb sent me home with some pictures of Lilly. I love that baby girl :)
Lovins' the UK skirt ;)

Until next time, thanks for reading!


TWD Days 2&3

You don't even have to remind me! I know, I'm a day late, so here's questions 2 and 3!  
**Note that there might/might not be spoilers to anyone watching the show! I'm only caught up to episode 9 of season 3. You've been warned.  

Day 2: Favorite Female Character? 

picture sources
 I would have to say that Maggie Green is my favorite female character. I can sometimes see a bit of myself of myself in her. She's not overly strong, she's not overly confident in her abilities, she sometimes has her breakdowns, and she's a daddy's girl. She's normal and I can see myself reacting the same way as her in certain situations.

picture source

Day 3: Favorite line from the series?

picture source
Glenn: "Nice moves there, Clint Eastwood. You the new sheriff come riding in to clean up the town?"
Rick: "It wasn't my intention."
Glenn: "Yeah, whatever, yee haw. You're still a dumbass."
picture source
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Intro: Walking Dead 30 Day Challenge

So, I've decided to try something new to keep the blog updating while I'm in this busy state of life, with college, work and some other things I've had to start thinking about. So, please, excuse this lazy-ness; the blog will still resume it's normal momentum of DIY's, Tips, and Tales of my days for the most part.

I've seen a couple of blogs doing these "30 Day Challenges", featuring TV shows. Like, Allie from My Marine and Me is doing a "Doctor Who" 30 day challenge.
I know it's the middle of March, but I'm going to start this one anyway. Don't be judgin'.

Picture Source
Yes, the gory and simply amazing show; The Walking Dead. I love this show! I've been watching it from the beginning (for the most part). I really got into when Austin and I went over to his cousin's house one Sunday after church and just had an eight-hour-or-more marathon of the first season on Netflix.
I was immediately addicted.
For those of you poor, poor people who don't know what the show is, please, click here. Or go to the official AMC page here  and look around. If you love horror, drama, comedy and just a bit of romance then this is the show for you. Beware, it can get gory at times, but that's the beauty of it.

Day 1; March 14, 2013
Favorite Male Character and Why?
**Spoiler alerts! You've been warned!
picture source
I'm not gonna lie, this one is easy; Daryl Dixon.
Now, if you look to the right, you can see the first reason why. He is utterly attractive in a rugged, mhmm-I-can-take-care-of-myself-and-you-way. And a crossbow? Really? He's a man after my own heart. 
On a serious note, I've found that throughout the show, though he's stubborn and seems to not care, he's loyal. Very loyal. I also love his sarcastic humor. It just makes me laugh, and I love men who make me laugh. 
He knows how to hunt and fend for himself. A good 'ole southern boy making it in a post-apocalyptic-world. It would make a good story all on it's own. Honestly, I wish Rick would just kinda...go off somewhere...and Daryl could take over the show as the protagonist.
I am a bit angry at him for running off with Meryl lately though. How dare he do that to Carol? I wanna kick his butt and roll 'round in the sticks with him all at the same time. I'm sticking with Daryl when the zombies come. Better believe that. ;)

Thanks for reading! Check in tomorrow!


A Little Excitement

Hello everyone! I know, I haven't written in a while and I apologize but I've been so busy! I worked everyday last week except for Wednesday, and even then I slept the whole day. I have some great, great news though!
It's Tuesday. TUESDAY. Which meant, I did, indeed start my college classes today! No, really...I did. Took the pre-test for both of my classes and everything. It was awesome-possum. 

They are online, and I'm only taking two right now because I have to them done by April 30th (which will be pretty easy, I'm sure.) I'm just so, so blessed though! It's like this huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders. I'm actually welcoming the aching sore on my thumb from writing notes after notes today. I love it. I love working and college and progressing in life. :)
-and my life is progressing pretty well too. 

I got off the phone with Austin not too long ago. We have the longest conversations, I swear. Tonight's was only about an hour and a half, but the other night we talked from 7ish to 11pm. We didn't really cover much either...we just kinda rambled about random stuff. We're like that though; talking about nothing and everything at the same time. Tonight's conversation was anything but "nothing" though...I can't say anything yet, but just be looking forward to some awesome, good news later!

Oh, and look for my next post, which should be really soon. It's all about the amazing show "The Walking Dead." It's called the 30 Day Walking Dead Challenge...

Thanks for reading, and sorry for the short post,


Just Some Thoughts

Okay, a little while back I decided that Pharmacy wasn't the path my life was meant to go (or that I'm mis-reading God's signals if it is). Honestly, I think I knew that, it's just that the path I really think I'm meant to go down isn't really...financially sound
I want to spend my life in charity. Spreading awareness and supporting charities that don't get the recognition they deserve for all that they do. I would rather live in poverty then sit by and watch someone suffer because they don't have the means to support themselves; because they don't even get the chance. I want to spread the grace of God through love and support of others. 

I'm just not sure how to do that yet. I've been having thoughts concerning starting an online charity store selling items and products made from recycled materials (in addition to my efforts as an awareness-raising journalist). It's all in my head, but it's all jumbled. I need to get organized and make some decisions. 

On another note, another very exciting note; I'm going to finally be starting my online college classes.
Yes, after many, many months of boring phone calls that got no-where, lots of campus visits, and tons of frustration, it's done. I'm starting this next Tuesday on two classes to get my Financial Aid processed ( I have to get the classes done by April 30th) and then once the Aid is processed I can go ahead and get enrolled in my next classes. 
So I'm very, very excited! I can't wait. I'm so glad I got this new advisor; she is working miracles for me. I just have to get these two classes done by April 30th, which is more then enough time. 

Thanks for reading!


Meet "Morgan"

This last Saturday my sister came home with a cat. Not just any cat, an indoor cat. Never before had we had an indoor cat, or any inside animal for that matter. (Except rabbits, ferrets, gerbils, hamsters, and a turtle. But you know-never a cat.) The cat was a surprise, at least for my father it was, who doesn't approve of little animals running around the house.
Fuzzy, he calls them. "They will get the house, fuzzy."

Alas, world, meet Morgan. Our new adorable house kitty.

Dismiss the clawing of my leg and the devilish look in her eyes-it's just the picture. I swear. She's the most adorable, lovable and the funniest thing, I've ever seen. Little Morgan was following me around the house all this morning while I was getting ready for my appointment with the doctor. The first day we let her explore around, she rubbed all over everything, no doubt claiming it as hers. It's okay though, she can have the house; I've already fallen for her little kitty charms. She's adorable, nothing can change that.

On another note, I'm so ready for summer to come. I'm uptown at my mother's house at the moment (which I love staying with my mom, but still...) because it was just too dangerous to drive all the way home. It's snowing, and the road was getting bad. So I stopped in at mom's and am staying the night here. Hopefully the road will be better by tomorrow.
I just want the sun. I want warmth. I just want my garden. Which, if you look to the right, will be right there. That big brush of weeds you see, yeah. That is going to be transformed into a garden this summer. By me. By hand, if I have to. With a hoe (the garden tool, not an actual...) and a shovel and whatever else I need. Man-power (woman-power) will always conquer over machinery anyway. It'll be good exercise, I say and I'll have some veggies in the yard. Yum!

Thanks for reading, 


How To Dye Fabric With Tea/Coffee

Hello everyone! I'm working on a secret project
This project is what's been taking me away from my blogging, all my friends, and everything else I usually do. I won't be able to fully reveal it for a few days, but I can reveal part of the process of my project; tea/coffee dying. I found the process on Pinterest and was really happy with the results.

First you need to pick out your fabric. The dying process works best on natural fabrics. Honestly, I'm not too sure on what kind of fabric I had. It was in the pile of scrap fabrics I keep lying around for special/recycled projects.

What you'll need:
  •  Natural Fabric
  • Tea (I used black; it tends to have a darker effect)
  • Coffee (The kind I used was actually decaf. I don't think it matters.)
  • A really big pot or a pot big enough to submerge your fabric in water

 Fill your pot with water and bring it to a boil. Then submerge your fabric in the water, making sure it gets thoroughly soaked through.

Make sure you have some very, very strong coffee brewed. 

Feel free to either brew tea, or toss the tea bags in the pot with the fabric. I used tea bags, a lot of tea bags.

Pour the tea and coffee into the pot with your fabric(s).

Stir the fabric so that the coffee/tea mixture soaks in completely.

Leave the fabric boiling in the pot until your satisfied with the color of your material. (I left mine in for about an hour and a half.) Then I washed the fabric out with cold water until it ran clear. 

I then put the fabric in the dryer and I loved the end result! (This isn't really a very good picture. The "before and after" photo really shows the fabric better)

Ta-da! That's how you dye fabric with tea and coffee! Oh, and whatever you decide to do with the fabric will smell like coffee. And tea. It'll smell good. I love it; it's all earthy and ahhhh...
Feel free to comment or email me any questions!
Til' next time, thanks for reading!


Oh, Deery Me!

Good morning everyone!
I'm gonna have to keep this short because I'm heading off to a funeral in a bit. Which doesn't help my enthusiasm for this post. Neither does hitting a deer.
No, I didn't mean to. Yes I feel terrible about it, but I'm also equally frustrated. I just got Monty (my car-my baby) out of the shop and everything was running great and fine. Better then ever. I now have a busted headlight.

And I found this deer-fur on the side of my car this morning when I went to check out the damage...

Now I know why my puppy-dog, Nipper was licking my car last night when I got home. She smelled deer and was all "Woot! Woot!". Probably was proud of me, that sick little sadistic mongrel... (just joking I love my Nipper-baby, she has so much personality.) Not gonna lie, I'm blessed to come out with little bit of damage. Besides a sore arm today, I'm perfectly fine and healthy. God really had His hand on me. As always.

That's all I've got time for today, but be looking for my next update, which should be How to Dye Fabric with Tea and Coffee. I just have to get everything organized and put it up! Until then, I'm off to a funeral.

Thanks for reading and have an awesome day!