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Okay, a little while back I decided that Pharmacy wasn't the path my life was meant to go (or that I'm mis-reading God's signals if it is). Honestly, I think I knew that, it's just that the path I really think I'm meant to go down isn't really...financially sound
I want to spend my life in charity. Spreading awareness and supporting charities that don't get the recognition they deserve for all that they do. I would rather live in poverty then sit by and watch someone suffer because they don't have the means to support themselves; because they don't even get the chance. I want to spread the grace of God through love and support of others. 

I'm just not sure how to do that yet. I've been having thoughts concerning starting an online charity store selling items and products made from recycled materials (in addition to my efforts as an awareness-raising journalist). It's all in my head, but it's all jumbled. I need to get organized and make some decisions. 

On another note, another very exciting note; I'm going to finally be starting my online college classes.
Yes, after many, many months of boring phone calls that got no-where, lots of campus visits, and tons of frustration, it's done. I'm starting this next Tuesday on two classes to get my Financial Aid processed ( I have to get the classes done by April 30th) and then once the Aid is processed I can go ahead and get enrolled in my next classes. 
So I'm very, very excited! I can't wait. I'm so glad I got this new advisor; she is working miracles for me. I just have to get these two classes done by April 30th, which is more then enough time. 

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