TWD: 9&10

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Day 9: Who would you be 100% okay with dying in the next episode?

Merle Dixon. Get out of here. Seriously. Go! Shoo! No one likes you. At all. I don't care if you're Daryl's brother or not; I don't like you.
I will honestly never like this character. Even if he magically turned a new leaf and decided to stop being a worthless "j-a", yeah...still a no. He's just lost all of my respect. He really ties with the Governor on my "least favorite character factor". Merle hasn't contributed anything to the show, except giving Daryl a reason to run off from the rest of the group (which made me despise him even more!). I mean, I can understand him being angry at Rick and the group from having to cut off his hand after they left him tied to that roof, but still...

 Day 10: Thoughts on Andrea?

I'm sorry, but am I the only one who cannot make myself hate Andrea? She's made some stupid decisions, but for the right reasons (or what she thinks are the right reasons). She gives her all when she decides to give. She just wants the people she cares about to be safe. I just wish the show didn't have her sleeping around all the time. It really just portrays her as one big harlot.
Yes, I said harlot.
Andrea has her heart in the right place. She just gives it too freely.

Thought this was one of her best moments...beating a zombie's head in. Yep.

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