TWD; Day 5

Okay, it's Day 5 of the Walking Dead 30 Day Challenge! I'm feeling a little bit better, not much, but I'm not coughing every second like I was. I really can't miss another day of work...(Which means loading up on the meds and making myself go!)

**Warning: Potential Spoiler Alert!

Day 5: Is Rick a good leader?

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There are times when I wonder if Rick really is a good leader. He's hardened throughout the series into this stone-cold-killer. He really doesn't give anyone a chance anymore. Ever since Lori died having the baby, he's been even more unstable then usual. Even going so far as to see Lori standing in her wedding gown staring at him and him yelling at her to go away. I think Rick does his best with what he's got, but I think he needs to learn to listen to others better, and give more chances. He really does have what's best for the group in mind.

Plus, who doesn't love a good, ole' fashion cowboy right? ;)

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