TWD: Day 4

Good morning, though it would be better if this sickness would wear off's Day 4 of the Walking Dead 30 Day Challenge!

Day 4: Disaster Pairing? 
 I would have to say Shane and Andrea. If those two were to really get would have been a total disaster. First of all, Shane loved Lori (for some reason or another; she's a total crow). Second of all, I have more respect for Andrea then to want her to have to deal with Shane. Third of all, their beginning would have just been scuzzy. Seriously? In a car? What were the producers thinking?
I don't think Shane had any real respect for Andrea anyway, or any other person for that matter. Andrea would have just went along with anything he said. When she gives her loyalty to someone, she really gives it. It would have been a heartbreak for Andrea and an inconvenience for Shane. I'm really glad the directors and producers and whoever-the-heck-else didn't go anywhere far with this pairing.

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