TWD: Day 11

The Walking Dead Challenge continues!

Day 11: If you were bit what would you do?

 This was a hard one. I actually drew a "bite" (a very bad-looking) bit on my arm and tried to imagine what I might actually do.
Suicide is totally out of the question because I just don't believe in that. I've already been bit, why would I want to spend an eternity in Hell on top of that???
I think I'd wait it would suck, but I would. I'd take the time I had left to get my "ship" in order! I'd apologize to whomever I needed to. I'd let those know I care. Get all of those skeletons out of my closet...then, I think I'd find a nice, peaceful place and pray. I'd pray and pray and pray 'til my last breath.

All of this occurring if my team-mates (if I had any traveling with me) didn't decide to knock me off before I'd even changed and let me die a peaceful death...I would like to think whoever that would be would.

I really do.

Thanks for reading!


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