TWD Days 2&3

You don't even have to remind me! I know, I'm a day late, so here's questions 2 and 3!  
**Note that there might/might not be spoilers to anyone watching the show! I'm only caught up to episode 9 of season 3. You've been warned.  

Day 2: Favorite Female Character? 

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 I would have to say that Maggie Green is my favorite female character. I can sometimes see a bit of myself of myself in her. She's not overly strong, she's not overly confident in her abilities, she sometimes has her breakdowns, and she's a daddy's girl. She's normal and I can see myself reacting the same way as her in certain situations.

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Day 3: Favorite line from the series?

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Glenn: "Nice moves there, Clint Eastwood. You the new sheriff come riding in to clean up the town?"
Rick: "It wasn't my intention."
Glenn: "Yeah, whatever, yee haw. You're still a dumbass."
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