TWD: Days 6,7&8

Late Walking Dead updates...

**Warning: Spoiler Alerts

Day 6: How do/did you feel about Shane? 

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I truly tried to like Shane and I did at the beginning. I thought he was a good guy though. That was all before I found out he was sleeping around with his "dead" best friend's wife, that he tried to kill said best friend, that he threatened the group, that he manipulated others, before he killed others and lied, ect, ect, ect...
Need I say more?
I was happy when Rick "offed" him. I would have too, way, way before that. I detested this man. Well, not this man, but the character he portrays...
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Day 7: How do you think the virus that caused the apocalypse started?

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I've thought about this one a lot. My best guess would be that it was government made, or that a citizen playing around with cells and medicine caused the mess (think Resident Evil). I don't think that it was a natural cause though. I really don't think it could have been.

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Day 8: Favorite walker death?

I think that it would be when Daryl is hunting the deer and he comes back to the rest of the group to find that a walker had been eating on it. The rest of the group had cut off the walker's head, but it was still gnashing and Daryl shot an arrow threw it.

"Come on people...what the Hell?"

You can watch the full kill count of  season 1&2 on the Walking Dead here. Decide for yourself! What's your favorite walker death? Or go directly to the video on YouTube here.

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