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So this Thursday I was blessed with the chance to spend time with one of my best friends Kaleb. She's one of the few people I've kept in contact with since high school graduation. We've been friends since middle school. We haven't gotten to hang out that much since she's had Lilly; her daughter.( Namely, as I like to call her, my god-daughter.) That, and she's been busy with college while I've been busy with work, work work! However, I found myself with a day off and she found herself in the middle of Spring Break so we both won!
I'm sad that I don't have any more updated pictures of the two of us, I should have taken some this weekend, but I didn't even think to. We look pretty good all spruced up for some high school dance though don't we? We did the whole watch-movies-talk-about-boys-stay-up-late-with-junk-food-girl-thing. It was nice; it was something I needed. I loved it.

I also loved the "junk food" Kaleb made! Both dishes were so good!

The green grapes were covered in lime jello (poured over the grapes still in powdered form) and the raspberries had mini-Hershey's-chocolate-chips shoved inside them! I had never tried either of them, but they were awesome-possum. Something I've going to have to make later.
I also had taco-salad for the first time. I didn't get a picture, but it was really good too. Julie, Kaleb's mother, is a really good cook.
When it came time for me to leave, Kaleb sent me home with some pictures of Lilly. I love that baby girl :)
Lovins' the UK skirt ;)

Until next time, thanks for reading!


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