Easter Dresses and Sore Throats

First things worth stating; I have a sore throat, ribs, an aching headache and I'm coughing like a Nazi. (No offense to any of ya'll. We're all bros here.) I even had to take off work early yesterday after our KY Wildcats game started. Which I was also sad to have to miss...
It's almost noon though, and this cough isn't going away. I'm going to have to make the decision to call in today or not. If I do, I'll probably hit the doctor's office today.

I haven't got to hear too much from Austin this week since he called last Tuesday. Call me greedy, I miss him. I guess it's that our schedules really don't mix that well; him working all the week days and me working most weekend days (plus Friday and Monday). That's life though! Hopefully I'll get to see him around Easter. If not, well, I'm hoping to make another trip to see him maybe sometime next month anyway.

Speaking of Easter, I've been Easter dress shopping twice and nothing has struck my fancy. Well, a few dresses have, but I don't know. I went to Rue21 and found a few I liked, but I'm so wary of their clothes now. They have great prices, but the clothes don't really seem to be...made that well. I've had a few things rip in my time.

Of all the dresses, I kinda liked the blue one the best. It would have been around $30 dollars with tax though (and the others were even more), so I'm still on the rocks. I don't want to pay so much for so little material, which seems to be the way clothes are prices these days. I need to hurry though, Easter is right around the corner...

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