Well Here We Go Again

Frustration. I'm sorry my posts have been filled with stress and down-trodded-ness...and I'm sorry this is going to be another one. I'm just so frustrated right now. I thought I had all of my schooling worked out; I'm even taking my classes already. It's all fine and dandy...or so I thought.
BCTC sent me an email saying that I had been picked for a process called "verification". I needed to get the "verification worksheet", fill it out and email/mail it in. Which I would understand completely, if I hadn't sent that form in via email months ago. (I even have the email saved that I sent!) This just gives me the answer to all my troubles.
Someone isn't doing their job.
I get paid to do my job right, even if it's just restaurant work. I thought it was a universal rule or something.

Do your job (right). Get paid. Simple.
 And with how much my tuition bill is, I know they get a slice of that cake. I hate the feeling that I'm paying someone to not do their job.

But there's another universal rule I'm forgetting.
When I was small, my father was the stay-at-home-guy. Still is. He broke his back in his last job and can't work anymore, so it was up to my mother to support the family. So, my dad is the regular "Mr. Mom". He does an awesome job at it. He's an awesome cook.
Anyway, when I was little, and I was crying and whining for what I wanted or I was upset. I would say the same thing;

"But, that's not fair!"

My dad would smile (this evil, I-know-more-than-you-parent-smile) and say;

"Well, honey. Life's not fair."

Hence, my life.

Thanks for reading guys! I'm hoping to get some more DIY's up soon. I've got the stuff, I just need the motivation, and the time. I have an 8-hour work day today and church tomorrow (then work). So please bare with me.


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