Welcome Spring and Stress

I apologize, I haven't written in a day or two (which means I'm behind on my 30 day challenge...) but I've been feeling yucky and it's been a stressful week. Thankfully, I'm feeling much, much better now. I was out of it, but now I'm back in my funk.
I had to pay all my bills yesterday. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.
Though, it was my fault for procrastinating and not getting them in early like usually...and missing work. That cut a lot out of my paycheck. Budgeting has come into effect.

My online classes are totally kicking my butt. I'm working through modules (which are specific parts of a class and not the whole thing and when they're all completed they add up to whatever credits the class is worth) and every time I finish one the starting date for another one opens up (sometimes before I'm finished with the first) and then I rush through it...my grades are doing fine. I'm just not soaking in the material like I should. Which is bad.

So please be praying on that for me and please be praying for a few un-spokens' I have. Life is just on the rocks at the moment. I hate uncertainty and I've been praying on this matter for a while now and though I know God is working and I just have to have faith...the wait is still hard.

So happy! Spring is here!!! But it's still only 15degrees outside...

Thanks for reading!


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