How To Dye Fabric With Tea/Coffee

Hello everyone! I'm working on a secret project
This project is what's been taking me away from my blogging, all my friends, and everything else I usually do. I won't be able to fully reveal it for a few days, but I can reveal part of the process of my project; tea/coffee dying. I found the process on Pinterest and was really happy with the results.

First you need to pick out your fabric. The dying process works best on natural fabrics. Honestly, I'm not too sure on what kind of fabric I had. It was in the pile of scrap fabrics I keep lying around for special/recycled projects.

What you'll need:
  •  Natural Fabric
  • Tea (I used black; it tends to have a darker effect)
  • Coffee (The kind I used was actually decaf. I don't think it matters.)
  • A really big pot or a pot big enough to submerge your fabric in water

 Fill your pot with water and bring it to a boil. Then submerge your fabric in the water, making sure it gets thoroughly soaked through.

Make sure you have some very, very strong coffee brewed. 

Feel free to either brew tea, or toss the tea bags in the pot with the fabric. I used tea bags, a lot of tea bags.

Pour the tea and coffee into the pot with your fabric(s).

Stir the fabric so that the coffee/tea mixture soaks in completely.

Leave the fabric boiling in the pot until your satisfied with the color of your material. (I left mine in for about an hour and a half.) Then I washed the fabric out with cold water until it ran clear. 

I then put the fabric in the dryer and I loved the end result! (This isn't really a very good picture. The "before and after" photo really shows the fabric better)

Ta-da! That's how you dye fabric with tea and coffee! Oh, and whatever you decide to do with the fabric will smell like coffee. And tea. It'll smell good. I love it; it's all earthy and ahhhh...
Feel free to comment or email me any questions!
Til' next time, thanks for reading!


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