Intro: Walking Dead 30 Day Challenge

So, I've decided to try something new to keep the blog updating while I'm in this busy state of life, with college, work and some other things I've had to start thinking about. So, please, excuse this lazy-ness; the blog will still resume it's normal momentum of DIY's, Tips, and Tales of my days for the most part.

I've seen a couple of blogs doing these "30 Day Challenges", featuring TV shows. Like, Allie from My Marine and Me is doing a "Doctor Who" 30 day challenge.
I know it's the middle of March, but I'm going to start this one anyway. Don't be judgin'.

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Yes, the gory and simply amazing show; The Walking Dead. I love this show! I've been watching it from the beginning (for the most part). I really got into when Austin and I went over to his cousin's house one Sunday after church and just had an eight-hour-or-more marathon of the first season on Netflix.
I was immediately addicted.
For those of you poor, poor people who don't know what the show is, please, click here. Or go to the official AMC page here  and look around. If you love horror, drama, comedy and just a bit of romance then this is the show for you. Beware, it can get gory at times, but that's the beauty of it.

Day 1; March 14, 2013
Favorite Male Character and Why?
**Spoiler alerts! You've been warned!
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I'm not gonna lie, this one is easy; Daryl Dixon.
Now, if you look to the right, you can see the first reason why. He is utterly attractive in a rugged, mhmm-I-can-take-care-of-myself-and-you-way. And a crossbow? Really? He's a man after my own heart. 
On a serious note, I've found that throughout the show, though he's stubborn and seems to not care, he's loyal. Very loyal. I also love his sarcastic humor. It just makes me laugh, and I love men who make me laugh. 
He knows how to hunt and fend for himself. A good 'ole southern boy making it in a post-apocalyptic-world. It would make a good story all on it's own. Honestly, I wish Rick would just kinda...go off somewhere...and Daryl could take over the show as the protagonist.
I am a bit angry at him for running off with Meryl lately though. How dare he do that to Carol? I wanna kick his butt and roll 'round in the sticks with him all at the same time. I'm sticking with Daryl when the zombies come. Better believe that. ;)

Thanks for reading! Check in tomorrow!


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