Hello everyone! I've been slacking off on my posts, I know...

I'm in good spirits though! I've just finished a 1,000 word essay for my English 1011 class that I've been putting off for a week. Talk about procrastination.
I'm terrible, I know.
I'm just so happy to finally get it done! I think it's decent...when I come across some document-sharing website I might get it posted up. It was a personal essay about something you believed and the story behind it. I chose "Good things come to those who wait". (I think it's a good one...) I put the story of Aust's graduation behind it. With my own personal touch, I think my essay was the bomb. : )

I've been having thoughts though. Transferring thoughts. Because yes, I'm working on my classes, however, I feel like I'm working towards a mess. Have you ever had that feeling of dread you ignore? Yeah, that's what I'm feeling. With how much work and trouble it's been, I'm not so sure this is where God wants me. I mean, I still don't have my financial assistance worked out, but BCTC isn't having any trouble sending me my tuition bill twice a week.
So, I think I'm going to get these two classes finished and start looking into National College.

I requested information about them a few weeks ago, and I got my packet in the mail today. They have multiple Financial Aid programs, plus tons of degrees that only take 9 months to finish. You can also start your career before you finish. I'm thinking about setting up an interview with National and talking to a few people before I actually transfer though. Eastern Kentucky University is also an option, and I'll look into them more, but I'm feeling pretty good about National. I'd only have to drive like, 15 miles two times a week to take my classes. That's not bad. At all. (Yes, I've decided my next classes WILL NOT be taken online.)

More decisions...

Thanks for reading! And be on the look out for my next posts! I have a few good ideas...regarding tattoos...more of TWD...possibly marriage? Stay updated!


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