Oh, Deery Me!

Good morning everyone!
I'm gonna have to keep this short because I'm heading off to a funeral in a bit. Which doesn't help my enthusiasm for this post. Neither does hitting a deer.
No, I didn't mean to. Yes I feel terrible about it, but I'm also equally frustrated. I just got Monty (my car-my baby) out of the shop and everything was running great and fine. Better then ever. I now have a busted headlight.

And I found this deer-fur on the side of my car this morning when I went to check out the damage...

Now I know why my puppy-dog, Nipper was licking my car last night when I got home. She smelled deer and was all "Woot! Woot!". Probably was proud of me, that sick little sadistic mongrel... (just joking I love my Nipper-baby, she has so much personality.) Not gonna lie, I'm blessed to come out with little bit of damage. Besides a sore arm today, I'm perfectly fine and healthy. God really had His hand on me. As always.

That's all I've got time for today, but be looking for my next update, which should be How to Dye Fabric with Tea and Coffee. I just have to get everything organized and put it up! Until then, I'm off to a funeral.

Thanks for reading and have an awesome day!


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