Feeling Thankful (and all that lovey-gushy stuff)

I'm just feeling completely thankful. God has blessed me so, so much. I have so much to be thankful and praise Him for. I have family and friends that love me to death. I have people to love. I have a roof over my head to shield me and food to satisfy my hunger. I have a job and a wonderful vehicle that gets me where I need to go with great mileage. I feel like I don't deserve any of this; I certainly haven't done anything to, but God somehow, someway finds me worthy. My Lord and Savior died on the cross for me. For everyone. What more could a girl want? It's the ultimate love story.
Speaking of love, I have Austin to be thankful for. Today is anniversary of the day we met. 41 months ago. Three years and four months ago. I feel that I haven't expressed that enough over the past few weeks on here just how thankful for him I am. He's been working so hard to keep contact with me. Called me when he's only had moments to spare. Texted me when he doesn't have the luxury of voice-to-voice communication. He's been constantly reminding me that he loves me, every day.
Lately, there hasn't been a day that I haven't heard from Austin. I love it. I'm getting spoiled. Probably too spoiled, but I'm totally soaking it in while I can. I'm so, so thankful for him. God blessed me with my perfect match and I believe that we're working through this with His perfect timing.

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I'm classy, not nerdy.
I know that I don't always to take the time to tell Austin just how much I appreciate him taking the time and working so hard to make this work. I just assume that he knows. (We all know what assuming does though...) We talked on the phone today for about two hours after he got off work today. Phone convos were never our forte I don't think (at least not for me, I could never think of what to say) but they're getting easier and natural. Today was natural-ish. I loved it. And (here it comes-you've all heard it before) I love his voice.
Austin had to get off because someone else was on the other line and his room was getting inspected anyway. He called me later tonight to tell me goodnight and I was in the shower. I missed his call, but he sent me the sweetest text letting me know he's sorry he couldn't get a-hold of me and that he was "hitting the hay" (I love when his country talk comes out, it's so cute!) for work tomorrow. It just made me smile. It just made me thankful.
It made me feel so lucky to have someone like Austin in my life. We don't ever fight (at least not any real ones, we play-fight and insult each other all the time). We cherish every moment. We fit like puzzle pieces. We're both God-fearing. We know how to have fun. We know each other's weaknesses and strengths and are learning to play off the other's. We both agree that a relationship is a learning experience; it takes time.

  This is Blake Shelton singing "God Gave Me You". It's an amazing song with an amazing amount of meaning. It's actually my ringtone for when Austin calls. It's silly, but it's like the song was based around us.
Austin doesn't know it yet, but this is "our song". He probably has another one picked out for us, but that's too bad. ;p

And Aust, if you get to read this...well, I mean every word. I'm a shy, hesitant little thing, as you know, and sometimes that might come off as not caring, but know that it's the exact opposite. I love you and I thank God for you everyday. Thank you isn't and couldn't ever be enough.

Thanks for reading through the gushy and mushy everyone,


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