Our Trip to the Hollows

 If you guys haven't been updated yet, my sister (Rachael) and I went to Cincinnati yesterday-ahem-the Hollows yesterday to see Kim Harrison at her book signing. It was all the way in Crestview Hills but our drive wasn't too bad. About 2 1/2 hours. Honestly I find the interstate fun. We just put point totals on all the cars and added them up as I passed....I ended up with about 3,000 points if you're curious ;)

Since my narrator skills are a bit...well...newbish, I'll just go ahead and put the pictures up.
Waiting for Kim Harrison to arrive! The wait was the worst part!
Rachael posing with her book.
We got some coffee to pass the time. It was so good! Raspberry Macadamia Mocha Latte!
And then...she showed.
And there was much rejoicing!
Q&A time with Ms. Harrison. So many questions answered! So glad she didn't agree on a movie/tv series. They were gonna take Jenks out!!! :((
This is Guy. Taking pictures of Kim during her speech.
...he shook my hand :)
Waiting in line to see Kim and get the book signed...
Still waiting...
While in line, we were teased with a bunch of products you couldn't look at because if you moved you'd lose your spot in line.
I was impressed with Joseph Beth's ceramic cat army.
This is my soul-cup. We resonated. I almost bought it.
I need this.
This is Galileo. A philosopher and astronomer. I thought of Austin when I saw it. Almost bought it for him. Almost.
Then the fog lifted and the sun shown overhead. I was overwhelmed and in awe of such majesty...

Finally. My life is complete.
 Yes, and you can find a video on my YouTube channel of Kim explaining how to say Algaliarept's name correctly. Enjoy!
Happy late Christmas to my best friend and sister.

It really was a perfect day.

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