Countdown: Day 4

Welp. Plans have changed and it's just Day 4.

I was so for sure that I would be driving...however, when getting Monty checked over to make sure he's fit enough to drive...we found a problem. He's going to need a part that has to be ordered and won't be here until after Friday.
My poor Monty.
Funny how life works.
My mechanic was talking on the phone and looking at me and saying "Oh, she's not gonna like that at all. Nope..." And I was just thinking,

'I'm not gonna be able to drive to NC at all am I?'

Nope. So, I'm flying. And the ticket is costing me more than I'm willing to admit to you all.
I've been doing emergency, FBI, plane-flight-booking-whatever-you-call-it searches all day. It's been murder trying to figure out what to do.
I have changed plans 3 times on poor Austin. I'm sure every time he gets a text or call he's like,

'What? Is she riding an alpaca here now?'

But I'm flying to the airport in Jacksonville, and the only flight I could find with a less than 2-hour layover was getting at the airport at 3:25pm, so I'll have some waiting to do before Austin can come pick me up. I might take a taxi to the mall or something though...who knows. All that matters is that I get over there and see him.

Honestly, I can't wait. So much to do before then, pack everything for a weekend in one carry-on bag.
Cross your fingers.

Thanks for reading!


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