Countdown Starts: Day 5

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Countdown: 5 Days.

Hello everyone! It's been a few days since I've updated you guys (sorry about that!).
First, I've got to tell you; I'm exhausted. So this post may or may not come out more or less exciting than they usually are (or I hope they are). I'm current secret base is my grandmother's house because of my work schedule this week. I get to see grandma, papaw (and my aunt and her kids because they're staying here (my grandma-ma's) due to some personal relationship problems that left her without a home. Men can be so mean sometimes...) save on some gas, and have an awesome breakfast every morning!

That's like, three or more birds with one stone.

Oh and for those of you who care; An Update On My 20lbs in Forty Days Challenge:

My forty days is almost up. I have maybe...3...4 days left.
I have went from 126lbs! That's 12lbs gone. (Not hatin' on anyone's maths skills here) Unfortunately I don't have a picture to put up of my can't tell much anyway. I can't see it anyway. My mother commented I looked like I had lost some a few days ago.

Honestly, I didn't really do any exercise, so the toning isn't there. I just changed my eating habits (starving myself not in those habits):

  • I stopped drinking pop and sugary beverages all together; I kept to tea, real-fruit juices, coffee and water. Lots of water. 
  • That yummy slice of chocolate cake or that milkshake I could have easily made for myself at work? Nope. I resisted. 
  • Lots of fruit. 
  • Lots of protein, not so much processed meat, but chicken.
  • I tried to lay off the fast foods, which is hard when I work at a restaurant, so again, when I HAD to eat something there, it was grilled/fried chicken.
Just little easy things like that. I'm not too sure how it worked myself, but it did. I'll get a picture up at another time.

But now, what I really want to tell you all (and literally shout from every rooftop).

I get to see my Austin in five days. FIVE DAYS! Yes. Yes. And yes. We have made the decision that I will be making the 10-hour drive myself. Which sounds difficult...but I honestly don't have a worry in the world about it. (Maybe that's just because I'm too excited though.) My mother and my family are a bit worried about me driving the whole ten hours by myself, and I can understand their concern.
I'm a single young woman driving 610 miles in 10 hours alone. 
However, I know I can do it. I've been praying for the last week and a half about it since Austin told me he had a 72 coming this weekend, wondering if it really is OK for me to go.

"Go." That's what I'm getting. I've prayed about it, and I know that God will keep me safe and sound there and back. I don't have any doubts; all I've got is faith in what I'm asking from Him.

So, I'm printing out my route and picking out where I'm going to stop before-hand. I'm probably going to be giving a copy of that to both my parents, and Austin's parents, if just to ease their worries. I'm planning on driving in the daylight, leaving early and getting in Jacksonville by dark where Austin will meet me in town and I can go on to sleep at the hotel. I can only imagine the every-hour-phone-calls that I will be receiving.

But I'm just so excited to see him! I can't wait. I still have to get my car checked (which my mom, my dad and my grandfather all want to look at before I go), pick out what I'm going to wear on my stay, and go shopping for a few things I need. Like, I'm out of facial lotion. My face is getting seriously dry and I've just been too lazy to get off my bum and get some.
I plan on taking lots and lots of pictures too, whether Austin likes it or not. He will comply.
or so help him...

I get to see Austin in five days, but for now, I still have work today at four and work with my grandfather tomorrow. Life is good. God is good.
All the time.

Thanks for reading!


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