A Cause: Human Trafficking Awareness

Awareness. If you know; then you're more apt to do something about it.

I've been researching a topic for the last two weeks that really breaks my heart. Human Sex Trafficking.

Human trafficking or human sex trafficking is the illegal trade and buying of humans through various means. Victims are abducted, persuaded by various means through fraud or false promises, and are even forced or threatened. 
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Men and women of all ages, mostly 17 years or younger, are forced into the commercial sex trade by their captures or pimps. They are bought, sold and passed around like products in the market. In many nations over seas, children in the trade are worth less than cattle.

There are 27 million people involved in sex trafficking in the USA alone. There are 10 million known sex traffic brothels overseas. There are at least 2,000 people being sold into slavery everyday.

There are more human slaves now then any other time known in history.

I want to give Mariah Dawn a big hand for her video on Sex Trafficking Awareness. You can find her on YouTube. I love her videos. The one posted below is her second Sex Trafficking Awareness video. Or you can click here to watch the link on YouTube.

This is a bit different then my usual posts, but when I got reading more and more about this injustice, I knew I couldn't keep it myself. I literally get tears in my eyes when I think about these people go through. Being forced away from your family and friends, being sold, beaten and raped everyday. On some accounts, you're killed.
You can find out more about Sex Trafficking at the I Stop Traffic Page.
Feel free to follow this link too:  http://istoptraffic.com/home.html

found on google.com

You can purchase blue ribbons here at the Blue Ribbon Campaign to help spread awareness.

Also, I will supporting Sex Trafficking Awareness by disappearing from any social media sites all day on Feb 27th. That means I will not be posting on Tuesday. You can join the official page on Facebook here at the Disappear From Social Media Day Page on Facebook.

Also if you're interested in tshirts spreading awareness for Human Trafficking or other causes, check out Sevenly (http://www.sevenly.org/). It's a website dedicated to helping charities. You can help by buying tshirts and other products they sell.

Thanks for reading everyone.


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