How To Improve The Taste Of Water

Evening everyone! I'm going to make this post short and simple.

So many people complain about drinking water, which I understand. It does have sort of a "blah" taste, but it's so good for you! You really need to drink about a gallon of water at least everyday. It de-toxifies your body and keeps you hydrated and feeling good!
I added grapefruit and blueberries this time.
A very good combination!

It can also help your acne and you'll find that you feel more energetic every day!

I know a few simple tricks to make that "blah-blah" taste of water go away:

  • Add fresh fruits! This seriously is the best thing. I usually leave mine in overnight with a bunch of ice in the picture to keep it fresh and cold. I usually use lemons (and I toss in a bit of mint if I can get my hands on some!), but you can use any fruit of your personal preference! 
  • You can buy flavored drops to put in your water now specifically made to make it taste better. Though I would watch which brands you buy and look at the ingredients first. Some of those flavorings are really, really un-healthy and completely take away the point of drinking water.  
  • Adding fruit juice is a good way tot improve the taste of water too, so you don't have to go through the hassle of buying expensive fresh fruits. 
  • Make your water bubbly! Some people prefer the taste of sparkling water to regular. Though again, watch which brand you buy and check your ingredients! 
  • Flavor your ice cubes. Put in store bought flavoring before freezing, or take the fruit idea from above and chop it up into your water before freezing your cubes. You can have different tastes to choose from each time you get a drink! 
  • To get your water intake, you don't necessarily have to drink water. You can drink tea. Fruit and herbal teas are known to be better for you then "black tea" or "English tea". There are tons of flavors to choose from! 
Hope this helps some people with their water dilemma. I know regular water can get a little boring, but honestly, the possibilities for water flavoring are endless. You just have to find your favorite!

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