Miss Sewing Monster

A sewing monster has been born. My mother (I love you mom!) asked me to write a list before this last Christmas. I, for sure she was only half serious, wrote one just soothe her. I wrote ridiculous things on that list (plane tickets, a new camera, a camcorder, a new car, ect, ect). I also wrote a few serious things (an easy-to-use sewing machine, a GPS for travel, headphones, socks, ect, ect)

My mother got me a sewing machine. It even had "easy-to-use" in the title. I've been hand-sewing for a couple of years. It comes naturally, and I kind of like the long time it takes. Makes everything I sew even more precious. However, this last project has me pressed for time, so I got out the sewing machine.
I've never used a sewing machine before in my young eighteen year old life. It was complicated but I'm getting the hang of it.

I read the directions at least 3 times over before actually preforming the threading steps.

I just practiced on a scrap piece of fabric I had. 

It took me a bit to get the hang of it though...

I think I did okay though. :) Hand-sewing just seems so less complicated, but even just sewing this little square together would have taken me about an hour with all the stitches put into it.
Sew,Mama,Sew! has a lot of cute, free ideas to sew I might use.

I can't wait to get started on some real projects now though. I have a few skirts I've been meaning to try, and a dress I found on Pinterest. I have to find some things I can sew up for Austin too. What I like he has to like, period. If I like sewed little trinkets, he has to...haha : )
But I've also got to get this first little project out of the way. I can't say anything about it yet, but I will when the time comes! Promise.

Oh, and in addition to the healthy lifestyle I'm adopting, I've decided that I will try a different tea every day; preferably in the mornings before exercising! Today's was "White Tea Berry" made by Mount of Olives Treasures.
It was pretty good, one of my favorites I've had so far. I didn't put anything in it, but I chilled some of it after I tried it warm. It was really good with some ice. I think it's the berry taste.

Thanks for reading!


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