Ever After, Flickr, and a Road Trip!

First, sorry everyone! I haven't written in a couple of days...I've just been so busy!

I recently learned that my Financial Aid won't be coming in for my classes for another few weeks, meaning I can't start them for a while...which really, really bums me out. -apparently it comes this late every year, and unless i want to use my own money or take out a loan and go into debt for a few classes i have to wait-

Watching The Ravens win the Superbowl (like everyone knew they would) and studying for my upcoming ACT retake took up my time yesterday. Though with the game going on, not much studying got done...the blackout was a nice touch this year.

Oh, and have I mentioned I'm traveling to Cincy, OH tomorrow with my sister to get our book "The Ever-After" (from the Hollows series) signed by Kim Harrison on her Ever After Tour?
Well, um, we are and I'm way-way excited!!! I can't wait to meet her.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the Hollows Series; it actually takes place on the Ohio-Kentucky border around the river.It's been many years since The Turn, when a virus being carried in genetically-mutated tomatoes killed most of humanity on the planet.
Good thing not everyone was human.

"A witch, a pixy and a vampire walked into a bar..."
Well, lived happily, ever-after in a church.

The series centers around the three main characters:

Jenks (no last name): A pixy. A very sexy and charming loud and obnoxious pixy who, however he may not look it, has the ability to hack anything and everything that runs on electricity. Name it, he can do it.
Jenks in the only pixy to own his own land (pixies being seen as no more than bugs to the rest of the world) and keep all of his many, many children alive and well the way he has. His hero is Tinkerbell. He's a member of the business Vampiric Charms.

Ivy Tamwood: A vampire, who uses her sensuality to get what she wants. Coming from a rich and high noble vampire clan has its perks. She has more money in her trust-fund than you and I would ever see in a lifetime. Ivy takes on runs; work that they IS or Inderland Security (kinda the police force for the supernatural) cannot take on themselves. She is the most OCD woman you will ever meet. Co-owner of Vampiric Charms.

Rachel Morgan: A "witch" with the annoying need to do the right thing all the time. Rachel seems to attract trouble wherever she goes since she got rid of her death threat for quitting the IS. Loving all things leather and black boots, she takes on runs to pay the rent and buy the groceries. She has this little habit to keep nasty, little men in her back pocket. (Save for the sexy, blue-eyed 6'2 elf recently catching her eye) Co-owner of Vampiric Charms. You find out on in the series that Rachel is not just all witch...she's got a little bit more of something in her blood...

But don't let my horrible description of the series keep you away from it. Here you can see a video right off of Kim Harrison's page that explains series a lot better. Or just go to Kim Harrison's website yourself and take a look around.

The signing is taking place @ 7pm, February 5th at the new Joseph Beth store in Crestview Hills, KY. (Though I don't know why the address is that way, on the map it's clearly in Ohio...)
Maybe I'll see some of you there?

Also, check out my new Flickr Account! You can catch all of my photos and photography on there. I never even knew this site excited until Austin texted me yesterday (couldn't call because he was on duty) and enlightened me. Thoroughly enlightened, I'm using this site to it's full advantage.
So check me out and add me to your contacts! ;)
Username: slhallphotography
or email me: slhallphotography@gmail.com

Thanks for reading!


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