Discovering "PaperMan"

I was surfing Pinterest when I saw the words "Disney short", "video" and "Paperman". Me, being one who loves all things Disney and animated, was immediatly drawn and clicked on the featured link. 

I found the most adorable and amazing short animation I have ever seen in years. There isn't any dialogue, at all, but you get all you need through sound effects and music. It speaks to me more than most of the Disney movies I've seen. Christophe Beck, the maker of this animation, did an awesome job. I wanna meet him. 
The film is so simple, but that's the beauty of it. Anyone can watch and connect to it. 

I read up on the Paperman more and found out that this short has been playing in Cinemark theaters before your movie starts.So, some of you have probably saw it before. I should just start going to the movies more...

You can read up more on the Paperman here! (

In the meantime, check it out. I've watched it three times already since discovering it. I can't get the actual video on here, you have to paste the link into your browser yourself. But please don't let that discourage you.

Here's the link:

The video is not able to searched on YouTube because of the settings. If you want to view it again, I suggest copying the link. Or visiting my blog again ;)

I just wanted to share this amazing animation with you all. Thanks for reading!


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