How This All Started?

I've been struggling with putting this blog together. I've had so many ideas swimming around in my head, so many topics I wanted to blog about and just so many thoughts that I went into overload. I couldn't take it. 
So I decided to go ahead and start writing. 

So, um, hi. My name is Sarah. 
I have a story to tell. It isn’t filled with valiant knights seeking princesses locked away in towers guarded by vicious fire-breathing beasts. There aren’t any magic-bearing wizards guiding a young hero’s way to victory. There isn’t even any magic, at least, not REAL magic. Maybe the metaphorical kind. 

This isn’t a fairytale, because there isn’t a happy ending. Not yet, anyway. It’s a story still in progress; still living and breathing and writing the events marked on pages of its own book. 

No, this is my story. And I find it beautiful. My life, in finding who I believe to be the “love of my life”. 

Knock on wood for me somebody. My desk is currently cushiony. 

So follow me in my journey to "better myself" (when really I'm just wasting away time until the next meeting with my Marine). It's sure to be one hell of a ride. 

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