It takes a lot for me to get upset. A mean, a lot.
I'm a very, very, very patient person. I take the time to try to understand everyone and every situation before letting my emotions of frustration or anger get the best of me. Usually I can count to ten and I'm better.

I've gotten to 76 and I'm still counting. I'm not feeling very understanding this morning. 

I was supposed to start my online classes this lovely Monday morning. Note: supposed. I'm not anymore. Which is what my frustration stems from because I've been looking forward to this for the past two weeks since my advisor enrolled me. I was dropped from my classes this morning before I even got to start them.
And why? 
Because apparently they weren't paid for 24 hours in advance to starting. 

However, when I contacted my advisor when he enrolled me I was told that I could go ahead and start my classes using my Financial Aid. Hell, I even have a scholarship waiting to be used.

The fact is, I filled out my FASFA at the first of this month. I had to be in the top 100 people to get that thing filled out. I did everything I would usually do. Put my college down where you list your schools...and I was told my Financial Aid was good. I waited two weeks after enrolling to start my classes to make sure BCTC (my college) had enough time to have everything together so there wouldn't be any error.

Yet, apparently two weeks wasn't enough time. Or someone isn't doing their job. Or both.

Honestly, BCTC as given me the biggest headache. Last year I couldn't enroll in my classes because they had me mixed up with another student. Then my SS number was apparently wrong. When I went up to the account was fine and my SS number was correct. By the time we straightened that out, it was too late to enroll.
It's been one thing after another. I'm reaching my limit with these people. 

So instead of calling my advisor and the Financial Aid Office like the nice lady instructed on the phone, I'm going up to Lexington to their main offices and fixing this in person. Honestly, I don't trust these people to do what they're supposed to over the phone. My day off work will be used fixing someone else's mistake.

The things I do for a degree.

Thanks for reading and sorry for the hostility.


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