Sickness and Revisions

I don't get sick very often, but when I do it gets bad. I mean, I had to take off work today I felt so bad. I haven't taken off work once in the past 5-6 months I've been working there so it sucks to break my on-going record. I went to work sick on Wednesday and Thursday, but I guess karma is getting me today.

My nose is literally raw from of the tissues I've used, and I'm so hungry, but every time I eat I get sick. I haven't had a decent meal in two days. I've got these chills too that make me really cold and then I get really hot like I've been standing next to an oven for hours. I'm in my bed now piled up under three blankets with the heater on. 

Oh, and the fatigue! I just can't get enough sleep. Even now, my fingers keep hitting the wrong keys because I'm just so tired. I've been cat-napping all day, and when I wake up the same thought goes through my head every time "I feel so useless, I need to..." but then I've drifted off again.

So, I'm sorry for this boring post. Head fuzzy and all that.

I have had some time to look at blog in a new light though. I've been re-reading it between my unconscious states and have decided to change a few things. Some revisions, per say.

I mean, the whole "couple thing" will still be a big part of the blog; just not the focusing object. I made this blog with the idea of focusing on myself more, getting more independent. I'm still thinking on everything. The blog may even take on a new look.

I know its confusing to make changes when I've just started and such, but I'd rather make them now then when I get more publicity. So sorry for any confusions, and just be looking for the more updated content on my blog. I'll keep the posts I've already posted and probably the general "look" of the blog, but it'll take on a more personal "Sarah-ness".

I don't know. I"m still thinking about everything, and the good idea fairy + a fever probably doesn't equal to much anything good.=p

Keep your fingers crossed and please be praying that I make a quick recovery! I know I am.

Thanks for reading!


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