Hello, hello, hello~!
 I have had an amazing day. I woke up around 8:30 because I had to go to the bank before work. I work at a little family owned resturant in town called "Burger House". It's where all the "cool kids" come to hang out and such.

On the way I treated myself to a much needed latte (half off with a coupon!) from Micky-D's. It was so good. The parfait I got to go along with it just completed my whole morning. And it seemed the morning could get better 'cause Austin called! 
I got the call at around 10-something. I hadn't gotten to hear from him for about a week so you can imagine just how excited I was. I love hearing his voice. He asked about how my dad was (it was so sweet!) because he heard he'd fell and cracked his ribs. (Which he still refuses to go to the doctor for!) Then we just jabbered about silly stuff and random topics. We do that a lot. Then he gave me some news I really didn't wanna know. His unit might be moving. Half way across the continent. To California.

So instead of being 610 miles away...he'll be like, 2,000 miles away...which is very, very depressing. I don't like it. It's terrible and selfish to say, but I really hope he doesn't have to go. 10 hours away, I can deal with, but 27? 30 hours away? It just sounds like torture.
And then not this year but the next there's talk of him deploying...I know it has to happen eventually, but still. The thought of it...
But I won't worry about what hasn't happened yet. :)

Well, he was on his way to get a haircut so we had to end our heavenly conversation. (He said he loves me!) And I had to get to work, pronto. It wasn't bad. I worked from 11:30 to 4:00, so it wasn't a long day.Then I met my mom at the Golden Corral to have dinner. It was delicious! I also who met the manager...who was so delighted at my manners and charm that he gave me an application. Which I'm debating on filling out and turning in.

The hours would be better than where I am now, but I've been working at Burger House for about six months now. I'm just getting to finally know everyone. I've got friends there. I know our regulars now. We chat about the day and how their kids are and everything. The thought of leaving when I've finally made my place among them is...heartbreaking almost. I know there's no guarantee I'll get the job at Golden Corral but just turning in the application feels like I'm betraying everyone who works at Burger House. It sounds silly, but it's how I feel.

The hours just aren't adding up though. I've got bills to pay and things to save up for. I don't know. I'm gonna really pray on it.

I just have a lot a things that need money. My insurance bill. My phone bill. Groceries. A new clutch for my car. An oil change. A trip to Cincinnati, Ohio with my sister (We're going to the Kim Harrison book signing!), A round-way ticket to NC, Hotel accommodations for while in NC and ect, and I'm saving for a new car. Money. Money Money. I hate it. It (apparently) makes the world go 'round.
And I hate it so.

Thanks for reading!

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