I Wish Acorns Were Currency...

No seriously, I'd be loaded. My yard gets full of them...
Hello everyone! It's been a day or two since I've updated you all. I've just been so, so busy! As it's going, I just got my tax return back the other day, which was a blessing...til I had to spend it all on other taxes like the property tax. And then my car insurance bill. (Doesn't make it any less of a blessing.)
Oh, all of my lovely bills. Beautiful.
It's morning and I'm seriously craving some pancakes...or anything really. I'm starving. At my job last night, I got so sick and nauseous that just the smell of the food set me off. I was hot and dizzy. It was so miserable I finally went to the bathroom and did the old "finger down the throat" trick.
It helped for all of 5 minutes; I seriously paid for it. I threw up two more times, not of my own will. I seriously was considering going home, but I only had about two hours left until we closed so I did my job the best I could. (Of course, for all you health freaks, I washed my hands constantly and tried to stay away from the food as much as possible; just in case.)
I'm feeling good this morning though. And hungry. I'm thinking Chinese for lunch. That sounds amazing...I love the fortune cookies ;)

Yesterday morning wasn't so bad though. I went to church with Austin's parents like I do most Sundays (I'll call them "T" & "J".) and studied about the Lord. It was an awesome lesson; about not proclaiming to the world every good deed you do for attention. You won't get rewarded that way, at least, not in Heaven. All the kids were really active for some reason. They were running around and making such a fuss, you would have thought we just had an ice-cream party and they were all invited. 
After church, we had lunch at Aust's mammi's (grandmother's) house. I tried a baked potatoe for the first time. And corn on the cob. And green beans. 
Don't make fun of me. I'm a picky eater. (Or I was, until I met this family. I'll eat anything they feed me...) Mammi's cooking was amazing. I love her fried cornbread!
Then T called Austin and we all passed around the phone and talked to him. I've said this many times before, but it's amazing hearing his voice. He sounded so happy yesterday; I loved it. I love him. Apparently he got "blew up" looking for fake IED in the field. Got cut in half or something...(not really, they weren't real, it was just a training exercise...thank God) 
Austin might be getting some time off around Easter which is just a month away. 30 days or so. I think I can handle that. Maybe. :)

Not nauseous, very hungry and broke,


Thanks for reading!

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