A Phone Call and Update

I love phone calls and I never used to. It was after I met Austin that I really started to get excited about them. Hearing his voice, about his day, what's been going on in his life...it just makes me happy. I love him.
This is the signed Ever After coat receipt from the book I got for Austin.
He literally whined for it over the phone and made me promise
to get it for him...he hasn't ever even read the first book.
 Austin called while we were waiting in line to get the book signed by Kim. 
He's moved units and is "actually starting training" now. 
(today he's doing something with engineering...) 

We talked about my coming down to see him. I'm buying the round-a-bout tickets (at an awesome price I found on Priceline! a lot less expensive then I thought it would be) and such, then we're just going to pick the hotel when I get there. 
I'm thinking I'll stay from a Thursday to Monday; if just to make sure I get to spend every second I can with Austin while I'm there. 

I'm just anxious to see him since he told me about his deployment that'll be happening in around a year. I want to be able to see him as much as possible while I can. Austin will be going out to California for training before then too...
I don't know how I feel about it all. It hasn't really sunk in I guess. The thing is I'm not really feeling sad or upset and I feel like I should. Like I'm betraying him by not crying or feeling depressed.
Actually I'm at peace with it. I mean, I've known that he'd have to deploy sometime, I just didn't know when and now that I know...I'm still just at peace with it. All of this got confirmed only last night...
And the only thing I'm crying over is the sad ending to this Drop Dead Diva episode. 

It was so not fair of Grayson to kiss Stacy. She's not Deb.

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