Countdown: Day 2 and Valentine's Day!

Oh my, it's Day 2! And it's also Valentine's Day.

As the history buff I am, one of the things I did today was take a trip to the Valentine's Day page on Every February we celebrate this romantic holiday; giving chocolates, roses and sweet-nothings to the ones we hold dear.
Valentine's Day really has nothing to do with anything its associated with now.
found on

It's an ancient Roman tradition shrouded in mystery and created by the Catholic Church. In the church there were at least three different saints by the name of Valentine or Valentinus.
Valentine was told to be a priest who served in the 3rd century of Rome. The Emperor, Claudius II decided that the single man, instead of a married or man with children, made a better soldier. Hence, he outlawed marriage for young men.
Valentine, however, knew this was wrong, and preformed marriages in secret for young lovers. When Claudius found out what he was doing, Valentine was ordered to be put to death.
It was rumored that Valentine sent the first "valentine" while in prison; to a young woman he fell in love with-perhaps his jailor's daughter.
He signed the letter "From your Valentine", a very famous expression used today.

And while the legends are still not fully known, I like to believe in this one, if just because the ending is so romantic that one man would defy his emperor to make sure that love lasted.

Sadly though, I don't get to see my own "valentine" today; but I rejoice in the fact that I will be boarding a plane tomorrow morning to North Carolina to see him. I have butterflies already. I'm making all the little last minute arrangements that have to go on. I still have to pick up my check from work tonight and check in my flight and print off the tickets at my mother's house (I'm out of ink here, and I'm too cheap to buy any at the moment). I also have to grab Aust's DS he left at his house...
Not to mention all of family that want to see me before I leave, like I'm gonna come back any different or not at all. It does make me feel loved though. :)

And to Austin (if you're reading this),
I love you. Happy Valentine's Day, and I can't wait to spend our 40th month (3 years and 4 months) anniversary together tomorrow. Can't wait to see you!
Love Yours Only,

Thanks for reading everyone and have a great Valentine's Day.

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