Meet "Morgan"

This last Saturday my sister came home with a cat. Not just any cat, an indoor cat. Never before had we had an indoor cat, or any inside animal for that matter. (Except rabbits, ferrets, gerbils, hamsters, and a turtle. But you know-never a cat.) The cat was a surprise, at least for my father it was, who doesn't approve of little animals running around the house.
Fuzzy, he calls them. "They will get the house, fuzzy."

Alas, world, meet Morgan. Our new adorable house kitty.

Dismiss the clawing of my leg and the devilish look in her eyes-it's just the picture. I swear. She's the most adorable, lovable and the funniest thing, I've ever seen. Little Morgan was following me around the house all this morning while I was getting ready for my appointment with the doctor. The first day we let her explore around, she rubbed all over everything, no doubt claiming it as hers. It's okay though, she can have the house; I've already fallen for her little kitty charms. She's adorable, nothing can change that.

On another note, I'm so ready for summer to come. I'm uptown at my mother's house at the moment (which I love staying with my mom, but still...) because it was just too dangerous to drive all the way home. It's snowing, and the road was getting bad. So I stopped in at mom's and am staying the night here. Hopefully the road will be better by tomorrow.
I just want the sun. I want warmth. I just want my garden. Which, if you look to the right, will be right there. That big brush of weeds you see, yeah. That is going to be transformed into a garden this summer. By me. By hand, if I have to. With a hoe (the garden tool, not an actual...) and a shovel and whatever else I need. Man-power (woman-power) will always conquer over machinery anyway. It'll be good exercise, I say and I'll have some veggies in the yard. Yum!

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