An Amazing Easter Weekend

Okay, I understand that I've been absent this weekend, but for a good reason!

Austin came in this weekend. Yes. Yes. YES! I had forgotten if he said he was coming in for Easter weekend or the it was kind of a little surprise when he called me Friday morning and was all "Hey, I'm home. Wanna come over?" I had to work at four but it was only nine-thirty so I was all for it. I swear, it was the fastest I had ever gotten ready.

I met up with his family and him at his grandparents house and we went out to lunch. Goodness, I'd missed him. It was great spending time with him and his family all at the same time. They're all such cut-ups and so comfortable to be around. It's just a fun time with them all together.
After lunch we went back to Austin's house and him and I watched Family Guy and David Chapel (not sure I'm spelling his name right...) on Netflix.
Then I had to woooork. Blah. But Terry, my boss, let me off early, bless her heart : )

Saturday I had to work from eleven to four, which wasn't bad. Afterwards I met up with Austin and his little brother Matthew at his house. They were planning out some strategies for an online game...or something or another like that. I wasn't too sure. He's such a nerd, but he's my nerd, lol.
We just kinda lazed around at his house until it was dinner time. We went over to Aust's grandparent's house and feasted on lasagna, salad and garlic bread. It was so good!

Easter was fun. I got ready in the dress I got for the occasion. (If you look to the right, you'll see the picture of me I stole from my mother. She won't mind...hopefully.)
When I got to Austin's that morning, him, Matt and his grandparent's were waiting for me in the car...I was a little late. It was all good though, we got there at a good time. In fact, I probably did them a favor.
After the early morning service at mammi and pawpi's (what I call Aust's grandparents) church, there was a ton of food to eat! I got some fresh fruit and I home-made cinnamon roll. It was all soooo good.
We went back to house when we were finished and everyone ('cept moi) went to go change and get ready for the actual church service at our normal church (Vally Baptist).
I was goofing around with Matthew on the piano when Jesse, Aust's dad, yells out "Sarah, you're going to have to close your eyes! And not open them for the rest of the day! Don't look at my kid!" I was clue-less.
At least until Austin walked out.
He was in a brand-new black suit I hadn't seen before, complete with a greenish-teal colored tie that went beautifully with his eyes. He looked so, so amazing! Tanya (Austin's mom) took some pictures of us; I'll share them on here with ya'll when I get the chance. I mean, I'm conflicted to share them with you guys 'cause I don't want you staring at my Austin for that long...he looked so good. Just...ahhhhhhhhhh....

The church service was awesome. You could just feel God there. Tanya taught our women's class and I was just about in tears with her re-telling of God's arising. She put so much emotion into it. I felt like I was there. I felt like Mary, in confusion and heart-ache, wondering where they had moved my Lord's body. I was just moved. I felt God and I loved it. I wanted more.
Our pastor talked about how so many people get dressed up and go to church on Easter Sunday. Thousands of people who normally don't, go and sit and listen to the service, but don't ever come back 'til the next year. How can you love God only 1 day out the 365 in a year? (Not to say you don't love God if you choose not to go to church; that's your personal relationship with Him and I would never judge anyone like that.) My heart just aches for those lost. I want to do something about it.
Austin surprised us all by saying the opening prayer. It's stupid, but I just felt this pride-thing seeing him up there. It sounds stupid, but I did. Austin has a really good voice. I don't mean that sound-wise (well, good sound-wise too but that's not the point I'm making) but speaker-wise. He seemed so at ease up there...
He sat next to me the whole time and held my hand when I didn't need it to turn pages in my bible. I loved it.
I love him.
But I hated it when he had to leave. Which, of course, he had to. We left a little bit early from church because they had to be on the road by 12:30 to make it to his flight back to North Carolina. He was flying out of Louisville, which is about 3 hours away. His flight was at 4:15, so they had to get a move on. After getting teased for our goodbye kisses and sweet-nothings, Austin and I parted ways. I drove Matthew home and he made jokes and kept me laughing the whole way home. Maybe my defeated-mood was noticed.

After I dropped him off, I went over to my nanny's house. She was having an her Easter Dinner. We feasted and told jokes and laughed and just had a great time together. Everyone asked after Aust and wanted to know where he was going next and what he was doing. That's what I love about my family; all of them. They care.

And I special thank you to my sister, Rachael! When I woke up Easter morning, this is what I found. I have the most amazing sister in the universe and beyond and I wouldn't trade her for a thing. I named the teddy-bear "Austi". "He's supposed to keep you company," Rachael said.

Yeah, I had the best Easter weekend. I really did. I hope everyone's was as good as mine. I know I had real blessings this year.

Thanks for reading!


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