Hiking! Yes!

Hello everyone!
I'm so tired! I worked this morning, not for too long, just from 11:30 to 4:00...but afterwards I went hiking with my sister, Rachael! That just kicked my butt because I've been doing this leg and ab exercises everyday and I'm so sore from yesterday's work out...

All copyrights go to Rachael Hall and none other. Yes, I know. I'm white.
All copyrights go to Rachael Hall.
All copyrights go to Rachael Hall. My feet look awkward...
It was so, so fun though! I love hiking! I love the outdoors! I used to hate it as a kid. My brother, Amon, and Rachael would go walking in the woods back behind the house and I would sit inside and watch Sailor Moon. (Such a good show, I loved it! Still do.) Now though, I love the outdoors. I can't get enough! Honestly, I'm thinking about hiking half the Appalachian Trail while Austin's on deployment. You know, taking a small tent and some supplies and hiking from down in Georgia back up to Kentucky. It sounds fun to me! If anyone wants to be my hiking buddy, let me know :)

Thanks for reading!


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