I feel rushed this morning...I don't like it! I have to work at two today until closing and tomorrow is my mother's birthday! And my friend's birthday! So I have to get their gifts ready before work tomorrow...and I have church before work...and three hours in between to get my mom's gift to her. I can't say what I got for her, because she might possibly, probably-yeah, she reads this.

So you understand I can't tell.
-and I can't tell my friend's yet either. Just in case.
(Ha! Not spilling the beans, guys!)

I got news. Austin is leaving North Carolina for California on May ***. Not for good (thank goodness) but for Urban Combat Training -or something like that- and he'll be back in around a month. I'm worried, a little bit, because it's supposed to be dangerous training...he's supposed to be doing stuff like this:

But quite possibly, knowing him,  in reality he'll probably be doing stuff like this:

But you never know. 
Just please keep him and all of us who worry about him in your prayers. This isn't easy on any side of the fence.

Thanks for reading!


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