Tattoos and the Modern "Christian"

Oh, deary me. There's been something on my mind lately that I've been thinking about. I want a tattoo.
However, there are many that believe that followers of Christ shouldn't get tattoos. It's a spiritual debate that's been going on for a while...and there are so many opinions that I've been having trouble coming up with one of my own. I've read posts, online web pages, and searched Google until my fingers are tired. Not an answer did I find that set my mind at ease.
So I did some research of my own and pulled out my own trusty Bible.

I went to Levitcus first, because it's been the highlight of the argument against "Christians" getting tattoos so far. Verse 19:28 in Leviticus states;
"Never slash your body to mourn the dead, and never get a tattoo. I am the Lord."
Well, that was a simple search-and-answer. Case closed. Until I started talking to my dad about it to get his opinion. He said that he didn't believe that, because above Lev. 19:28 the Bible also states to "never cut your hair". My dad made the point that everyone would be going to Hell if that was the case. You can't believe one part of the Bible and not the other, and you can't take out the parts you don't like either. He got me thinking, so I read deeper.
I noticed that God was telling Moses to tell all of these things to the people of Isreal. To a certain people.

Honestly, I think a tattoo is like anything else. A personal choice. It could be a sin though, if decided for the wrong reasons. If you're pure in intentions, however, I really don't see a problem with it. I know what my first tattoo will be of though, if I decide to get one:

I really want a cross somewhere on my body. A small one, as a testament of my commitment to my Lord and Savior. A tattoo is permanent, and so is my love and relationship with my God. It would be nice to have as a small reminder when things get rough. I'm not all that sure of the placement though. I was thinking a very small one on the inside of my wrist, or my finger. Quite possibly my ankle.
I have a few more tattoos I'm interested in, not committed on getting like the small cross.

I love the meaning behind the anchor, heart and cross. I love the anchor period. I'm gonna have to look up Hebrews 6:19 sometime too!

These are more of a thought than anything, though if I got to travel enough, I would love to get the compass. I'm too much of a chicken to get the large dream catcher on my spine...I love the colors of the feather!

I don't know. There are so many to choose from and I don't want to make the decision lightly on such a permanent thing. I'm definitely giving my choice some thought and time.
And don't take my view on getting a tattoo as a "Christian" as your own decision. I encourage you to do some research on your own and come up with your own conclusion. It's a personal thing.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Sarah, I love that you went to scriptures to resaearch this. I too have been thinking on getting a tattoo for years but want to make sure it does not fall under "sin." In Leveticus 19:28 you also need to consider the background as to why God was instructing Moses and His people. The Israelites were taking on practices of other nations and incorporating them into their worship. The part about cutting and tattoo is in direct link to doing so in a ritual used when others died. Kind of like mourning for the loss and cutting themselves and "printing" on themselves during this mourning in order to pacify the deities they were worshiping. If you want to read farther check out the notes under resources and then Matthew Henry's Commentary for verses 19-29 here at ( Be inspired and follow Him at ALL costs. Tina