Day Out With The Girls

I love a good girl's day, especially when it's my family. We haven't had much time together lately, so we all just made the decision to go to Lexington and eat and hit the mall!
We left at 9:30 this morning (early-ish, but Rachael had to be at work by 3:00 sooo-), so I got up at 7:00. Thirty minutes early! Woot! (I'm actually really tired right now, but I'm texting Austin, so you can bet I'm not sleeping just yet!)
But we ate at the Olive Garden! I love that place, the food is so, so good! I love their endless soup and salad deal. I get so full! Chicken and Gnocci for the win! Who else is with me?

This is my younger cousin, Amber. She finally is old enough to go with us on our Girl's Days!
Yay! I love her :)
 The poor guy serving us was constantly re-filling our salad and drinks. We're veggie-freaks. And bread-stick freaks. And alfredo-sauce-freaks. (Well, the rest of my family is, I don't really like the stuff...the alfredo sauce. I love everything else!)
Then we got dessert. We NEVER get dessert, but I guess today was just...special.

I forgot the name; maybe it was Zoppoli. Anyway, it was really good! The squares are like doughnuts, except more...sugary...and then you had chocolate sauce to dip them in. I almost died, it was so delicious! I took great deal not to think about all the calories I was was just so good!

Then we went looking around the Fayette Mall, which is always fun, because none of hardly ever get to go! We went into a few stores, nothing major. Rachael was a total shopaholic though. Going into every store...she sometimes wears me out when it's just me and her. I'm not as much as a shopper as she is. I like my hard-earned-money too much.
There was one thing that I was looking at though.  Just looking of course, it's not like I could get it for myself...well I could, but that would be freaky, weird and inappropriate.

Yes, it's a ring! Not just any ring, but an engagement ring! I know. I'm jittery just thinking about it. I was walking around in JCPenny's one day with Rachael and I remember seeing this one. It's so simple and small, and not the price that most girl's would be appreciative of, but I love it. It's not even really an bridal ring, it's a promise ring. I've been hesitant to say much about it, but Austin and I have talked about getting married. I mean, we're waiting until the right time, but we have talked about it.
I'll have to put the whole story in another post, because there's too much emotion and just...awe-ness in it to put in this one.
It needs a post of it's own.
But anywho, I think the ring is beautiful, even if it's not a huge rock on a gold band. I don't feel I need that and honestly, I don't like those. I feel like a ring with a big diamond would get in the way a lot. I want a simple ring, that's still equally beautiful, still with a small diamond (or my birth stone) that I can wear all time and be able to show off!
I think this one is beautiful and unique. I would love it. What do you ya'll think? I thought about sending the picture to Austin via text with a winky face. It never happened. I'm not bold enough for that. :)

These are pretty and I like them. More expensive too. I still like my cheap, promise ring better though.
And once my mom and mamaw saw that I had started looking at rings, they came over too. Had the lady at the counter take some out and let me try some on. The nice lady was just telling me all about them and said that it wasn't unfamiliar for a woman to come in and take pictures...said she's a few men come in and actually buy them afterwards. I should have gotten my ring size while I was at it ;) Lol.

It was a great day though. I loved it. I've said it a million times and you'll see it on here a million more; but God has blessed me. So, so much. I couldn't even begin to thank him. I couldn't even start to try.

Thanks for reading!


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