The Procrastinating Will-Be Gardner

Hello everyone! I got back from work not too long ago...I'm currently taking up residence at my mother's house. I have to meet a potential client tomorrow at noon. Which I'm extremely nervous about, but yeaaah.

You all know how I did a photography session with my friend Kacy and her boo. The photos turned out to be adorable! And a woman who knows them, saw them too and, apparently, thought they were good!
Good enough to ask me to be the photographer at her wedding in June. Yeah.
It raked me a new one! I'm nervous as can be about this! I mean, it's this woman's big day and I don't want to ruin it. Can you imagine?

"Oh, look at that ruined moment that amateur photographer took of us. My nose looks big."

I'm supposed to meet her tomorrow at the destination of her wedding and talk about it. I'm super-nervous and I've waited last-minute to get my portfolio together. Absolute last minute. Very last minute. As in I'm-going-to-Wally-World-In-The-Morning-To-Get-Some-Quick-Photos-Printed-For-My-Portfolio-Last-Minute.
Mhmm. Which brings up the question; is this what I really want to pursue? I mean, I have a co-worker who wants me take photos of her honey-bunny and her too. It's all coming so easy...I mean, I'm wondering if this is something I'm supposed to do. If it's "God-given". (I mean, everything is God-given, know what I mean!)
What would I name my photography business? I'd have to start a second blog!!! (Hehehe...winkwink)

So many things, but I'm too tired to think about them right now...this morning I started on my garden. By hand. Literally. Because I don't have a "turn-over" to turn over the land, and I had a bunch of weeds where my garden is supposed to be, I took a scythe-thingy and a metal rake to that sucker. I worked from 9-12 this morning.

I have blisters on my hands now, but they're satisfying blisters. One is all gross and leaky though...ugh. Bleh. Ow. How do you even treat blisters? I've popped the thing and pulled of some grotesque skin but it's still all....there. And gross. And hurting.
What? Let me whine. It's my blog.

But goodnight all; this girl is hitting the hay! I've gotta get up early!

Wish me luck and thanks for reading,


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