So Tired Is I, Sleep Is What I Has Not

So tired is I, Sleep is what I has not. Yep. I so just pulled a Yoda.

Anywho! I got some blood test results done if you guys remember; and I have good news today! It's taken so long for the results because I actually had to go in for a second test. They didn't have enough blood for the first one, somehow. Anyway; I have a type of mono called "Epstein Barr" or something like that, and I've had it for so long without knowing it that I'm in the recovery stage. So fluids, vitamins and rest should do it. The best part: I'm not contagious! So there's no hassle at work! I love it. :)

I'm so excited though! I might get to see Austin within the next 2-3 weeks! I'm counting down days, literally. He said he might get to fly down if he gets leave after he gets back from Cali. I'm hoping. I'm praying. I really miss him.
If he can't then I plan on flying over to see him sometime SOON. I've got enough saved up; I've got paychecks coming in. I'll make it work.

I'm nervous too though. I have a wedding coming up that I have to photograph. Well, TWO actually. Just that this first one is on the 7th of June. That's like, a week away. I still don't have a purple shirt to go with my slacks. I need to go shopping. But I'm just worried I'll mess up and ruin the bride's perfect day. This is my first wedding! I'm not getting paid for it, I'm doing it as a gift to the couple (it's my cousin's wedding...). I've been working my camera all week though. Practicing on shots, finding light...ect. Just be praying for me and the couple.

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